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I gave you life and yet you defy me? So be it! You shall pay for your ingratitude with relentless pain!

— Devil Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog

Devil Doom (デビル・ドゥーム Debiru Dūmu?) is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the final boss of Shadow the Hedgehog. He is the true form of Black Doom[2] a giant, two headed, gargoyle-like monstrosity. He transforms into this final form after discovering Gerald Robotnik's secret plan to destroy the Black Comet, but met his end at the hands of Super Shadow.


Card 051 (Sonic Rivals)

Devil Doom, from Sonic Rivals.

In this final form, Black Doom becomes much larger and intimidating than before; his body is almost completely changed. The only traces of his original form is Doom's Eye, his horizontal horns, and his red and black skin.

As Devil Doom, Black Doom has two gargoyle-like heads on either side of his torso, the first of which has Black Doom's horizontal horns and the second which has one vertical horn, and two large and thick round wings. The lower half of his body is rooted to a large boulder-like object, which generates small nuclear lifeforms called "cells",[1] and his torso has strange spines pointing down. He also has horizontal mouth parts similar to the Black Bull, with the exception of a jaw on both sides. Devil Doom has no eyes himself; instead, Doom's Eye switches between his heads to give them sight. Devil Doom also gains an extra finger on each hand, making it possible for his arms to operate from either side of his body, making his shoulders double jointed.

Powers and abilities[]

Devil Doom using telekinesis

Devil Doom using telekinesis, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

As Devil Doom, Black Doom's powers increase to the point where he can fight on par with even Super State users. In addition to retaining the ability to use Chaos Control to teleport, Devil Doom can now breathe fire and move objects at the size of buildings around telekinetically so to use them as either shields or projectiles. Furthermore, his lower part can produce smaller lifeforms called "cells" that can emit fire-like lasers. These cells can be used for both offense and as a shield that protects him from attacks by circling around him at high speed while spouting lasers.[1]


Devil Doom's fire breath, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Devil Doom can sense where Shadow is, as his attacks are of the same precision whether facing Shadow or not. His body is also virtually invulnerable and does not feel pain, even from a charged Chaos Spear. Devil Doom's wings are an oval shape, enabling equal use by both heads. Although his wings can be crippled, making him vulnerable to side attacks, he can put either one of his wings in front of the eye to protect himself.


Despite being in his true form, Doom's Eye is actually the one hosting his consciousness and controlling this body.[1] Hence, destroying it effectively means death to Devil Doom and Black Doom as a whole.


Boss guide[]

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Devil Doom is battled by Super Shadow high above Central City. Devil Doom has a set behavior depending on the situation.

The first type of attack that Devil Doom uses is floating in front of Shadow with a ring of debris. He may throw it at Shadow. If Shadow gets hit, he will be momentarily sent backwards. Shadow should use rapid Chaos Spears to destroy the debris in order to avoid the delay. There are ring balloons in the debris. Rings are vital because if Shadow runs out of them, he'll fall and lose a life. Therefore, he must try shooting at the Ring balloons.

Devil Doom will also attack by spitting a wall of fire at Shadow is the second type of attack. To avoid them, Shadow can veer off to the edge. The boss can command the small meteors floating around him to shoot lasers. He can also make the meteors fly around him in circles and shoot lasers. The lasers won't hit Shadow if he moves constantly. If Shadow is too close for a long time, or sometimes as he reaches Devil Doom, Devil Doom will teleport away. This also happens after Devil Doom is damaged.

The only weak point of this boss is his eye, which alternates between the heads after being attacked. To damage the eye, Shadow can use charged or uncharged Chaos Spears, with the charged spears dealing more damage. Uncharged Chaos Spears can also be blocked by Devil Doom's wings. Shadow can attack the wings and destroy them so Devil Doom can't block attacks any more. Both attacks only work when Shadow is near him. Shadow's dark gauge can be filled by shooting city debris while the hero gauge is filled by attacking Devil Doom and the meteors around him. Chaos Blast can help with the debris, but it does not deal much damage to the eye. Chaos Control slows everything down and may come in handy but it also makes aiming more difficult.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"I Am... All of Me - Final Doom ver." Crush 40 3:37


In other media[]

Archie Comics[]

Main article: Devil Doom (Archie)
Shadow Fights Black Doom

Super Shadow facing Devil Doom, from Sonic Universe #60.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Devil Doom is Black Doom's transformation. In a brief flashback to the comic's events of Shadow the Hedgehog Devil Doom is shown fighting Super Shadow, but was defeated in the ensuing battle.


"Why? Why can't you understand that these humans are the parasites of this world? Absolute power is the only way to bring order to the planet... The humans must be eliminated! Shadow, open your eyes. Realize, that sympathizing with these humans, has all been a mistake!"
—Devil Doom to Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Before long, the gas from this Comet will have spread over the entire planet... Shadow, cease these futile attempts to resist. You alone cannot change this planet's fate!"
—Devil Doom telling Shadow that he cannot save the world, Shadow the Hedgehog
"I see... I seem to have underestimated the true power of the Emeralds. No matter! I will destroy you all the same!"
—Devil Doom when his Health Gauge is down to half, Shadow the Hedgehog
"The time has come! Now, that the gas has overrun this tainted world, MY reign has BEGUN! Mwahahahahaha!! Hahahaha! HAH-hahahaha!!""
—Devil Doom upon infecting the planet, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Im... impossible! I am the supreme being that rules this universe! I am the immortal life form! I am the ultimate power! Gaaaah!"
—Devil Doom's last words once he is defeated, Shadow the Hedgehog


  • Even after Shadow disables his wings, Devil Doom will still stay airborne.
  • By "bumping" into Devil Doom in some way, it is possible for Super Shadow to be bumped into a lower or higher elevation of his "flight path/area" for a short time, and thus in this state is able to fly over or underneath Devil Doom.
  • If the player delays the battle, Shadow will hear Sonic, his friends and Eggman succumbing to the paralyzing nerve gas. After eight minutes of fighting Devil Doom, Eggman reveals the truth about Shadow's survival from Sonic Adventure 2, as quoted, "Shadow... can you hear me...? This might be the last chance I have to speak to you, so... what I said... about having created you... It was all a lie... Everyone thought you'd died... during that horrible incident... but I rescued you... with one of my robots. You'd lost your memory, that's all. You really ARE the Ultimate Lifeform my grandfather created!"
    • Also if the battle takes more time, Devil Doom will laugh and say that the gas has infected the whole planet. After this, he will stop summoning Ring Balloons, forcing Shadow to either defeat him quickly or die.
  • Although the main way of attacking Devil Doom is using Chaos Spear, it is not the only way. If the player can manage to slide up when bumping into an object or Devil Doom himself, and use the Homing Attack, damage can be dealt. Note that it is not an easy feat and if managed, it will not automatically target anything; aiming must be done manually and its damage is as powerful as an uncharged Chaos Spear, and Devil Doom will use Chaos Control immediately after that.
Black Comet underneath Devil Doom

The Black Comet underneath Devil Doom, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

  • By hacking the camera, one will notice the Black Comet below Devil Doom spreading its roots into the planet, although the scene seems to be just a still image or backdrop, as it does not move.
  • Sometimes Devil Doom's body can be seen bleeding, such as when he is teleporting using Chaos Control or hit by Chaos Spears on his body.
  • Devil Doom's roar at the beginning of the battle is identical to Perfect Chaos' in Sonic Adventure and the Biolizard/Finalhazard's in Sonic Adventure 2.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia, it is stated on page 20 in Black Doom's bio that Devil Doom was achieved by Black Doom using the Chaos Emeralds.[3] However, the book is riddled with errors and is not a reliable source. Ian Flynn, one of the writers of the book, also expressed this idea on his "BumbleKast".[4] In Shadow the Hedgehog, however, Black Doom is only shown to be using the Chaos Emeralds to teleport the Black Comet to earth, and he later left the emeralds to Shadow before going to transform elsewhere off-screen. The Japanese guide of the game also suggests that "Devil Doom" is Black Doom's true form.[1]
  • If Shadow loses all his rings during the boss fight, he will fall out of the sky and say "Maria!", instead of "Damn, not here!"


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