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The Detonator Switch or Self Destruct Switch is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a large Switch used to destroy Dr. Eggman's bases in Final Fortress.


The Detonator Switch is a very large mechanism, big enough for a three-person team to stand on top of it with more than enough room to spare. It has a flat gray cuboid for a foot with yellow and black hazard stripes on the edges and red corners. On top of it is a large disc-shaped button which is very similar to a solar energy board with the Eggman Empire symbol on it.


The Detonator Switch being pressed.

The Detonator Switch can only be found in Final Fortress. As its name implies, this switch can destroy Eggman's bases on the Final Fortress for emergency cases. Using it in gameplay will not only destroy the surrounding fortress, but also send the playable characters flying to the next section of the Stage which would otherwise be unreachable. Prior to explosion, it releases a commonly used warp light regularly for warping via warp flower. To use in gameplay, the player has to just go near the Destruction Switch and the playable characters will automatically jump on top of it and trigger it to explode.


The misplaced Detonator Switch.

  • Though Team Rose does not encounter the Detonator Switch in their version of Final Fortress, there is a misplaced Detonator Switch outside the Stage's borders to the left when the team reach their first Fan.
  • Prior to its explosion, Detonator Switch releases a commonly-used warp light which regularly appears when utilizing Warp Flowers.

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