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The Destruction Troops (破壊兵団 Hakai heidan?) are a group that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. They are an army of one-eyed robot warrior drones, created by Lyric the Last Ancient as his basic foot soldiers and programmed to obey his every command.[1] In addition to being extremely hardy, capable of remaining dormant for millennia without breaking down, they are made with such advanced technology that even Dr. Eggman had a hard time understanding their workings.

When Lyric escaped his imprisonment, he retrieved his Destruction Troops for his quest to seize the Ancients' crystals for his own gain.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

The Destruction Troops were created by Lyric the Last Ancient over one thousand years ago. Using a device in his armor, Lyric could control them all with a push of a button, and used them to assist him in his schemes to destroy all life on earth with his Sentinels. In the case that he was imprisoned before he could succeed, Lyric left behind his Destruction Troops for others to find, predicting that those finding them would free him to get their secrets. When Lyric did get imprisoned, his Destruction Troops were shut down.[1]

In the present day, the Destruction Troops were unearthed by Dr. Eggman who figured out how to control them after a long time. Marveled at their technology, Eggman set out to free Lyric and get his secrets to become more powerful, and placed Metal Sonic in command of the Destruction Troops. Using his Destruction Troops, Eggman pushed Team Sonic into Lyric's Tomb where they released Lyric, who retook control of a proportion of the dormant Destruction Troops to resume his plans. While multiple fractions of the Destruction Troops harassed Team Sonic, Eggman confronted Lyric and threatened him to hand over his secrets with his own Destruction Troops, but Lyric retook control of those too, thus giving him full dominion over his forces once more.

The Destruction Troops continued their advances, constantly attacking Team Sonic in their quest to stop Lyric while threatening to invade Bygone Island. When Lyric was defeated, he lost his means of controlling the Destruction Troops, which would later be picked up by Dr. Eggman. The Destruction Troops themselves were all scrapped during the following celebration of the heroes' victory.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Lyric and his Destruction Troops attacking the Ancients.

The Destruction Troops were created over five thousand years ago by Lyric the Last Ancient from the Robot Facility who used them to launch an attack on his fellow Ancients and seize the Lost Crystal of Power. While the Destruction Troops and Lyric's advances seemed unstoppable, the Ancients stopped Lyric by imprisoning him, while his Destruction Troops were shut down.[1]

In the present day, Lyric recovered his Destruction Troops after he was freed and used them to seek out the hidden Crystal Shards of the Lost Crystal. When Team Sonic mobilized to save Amy from Lyric, the Destruction Troops tried stopping them, but failed and their commander Lyric was subsequently defeated by the heroes, thus rendering the Destruction Troops moot.


  • The Destruction Troops are largely (and inconsistently) unnamed in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. However, there is a biography of all the models in the game's source code which was cut from Q-N-C's Database.[2]


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