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Different targets offer more points when destroyed. Drift while destroying targets for a score bonus.

— Description, Team Sonic Racing manual

Destruction[1] is one of the types of Events available in Team Sonic Racing. It appears exclusively in Team Adventure.


Sonic competing in a Desctruction Event.

In Destruction, the player competes as a single playable character on the race track without any teammates to race with or rivals to race against. Here, the player has to race around the race track, destroying bumper-based targets that appear along the way by touching them. When destroying a target, the player will be rewarded with points. The player's objective is to score as many points as possible within a certain time limit. This time limit is indicated by the timer and gauge at the top of the screen that appears during the Destruction Event. As the timer decreases, the gauge will deplete. When the time is about to run out, the gauge will turn from turquoise to orange, and then red. Should the gauge empty completely, the player will run out of time and the Event will end.

There are three different types of targets in the Destruction Events, each one giving different points when destroyed:

  • Red-rimmed targets: 50 points
  • Blue-rimmed targets: 75 points
  • Green-rimmed targets: 100 points

Most targets are immobile, but there are some (like the blue and green ones) that move from side to side. Also, by drifting into targets, the player will earn extra bonus points.

Besides touching targets, targets can also be destroyed with Orange Rockets. When starting out a race, the player will possess three Orange Wisps to use at any time. When those run out, the player can pick up three new Orange Wisps from any of the Item Boxes along the race track. Also, when destroying a target with an Orange Rocket, the player will earn a score multiplier for a limited time. This score multiplier will increase by 0.1 for each target the player hits with the Orange Rocket before the previous point multiplier effect wears off (not counting the first one). However, after the score multipler reaches a 1.5 multiplier rate, it will no longer increase, and any further attempts to raise the point multiplier will only maintain the 1.5 point multiplier. Also, should the point multipler wear off, it will reset itself.

The Destruction Events feature point milestones that indicate how well the player has performed. By collecting enough points, the player will be rewarded with a specific type of medal after the Event. The more points the player gathers, the better the medal they will receive. The fourth-highest medal the player can receive is bronze, the third-highest is silver, the second-highest is gold, and the highest is platinum.

To complete a Destruction Event, the player has to either run out of time or earn a platinum medal.

Destruction Events in Team Adventure

Chapter 3: Guess Who's Back!?

Stage Track
Stage 3-7 Whale Lagoon

Chapter 5: The Race Continues

Stage Track
Stage 5-10 Sky Road

Chapter 6: The Kidnapping

Stage Track
Stage 6-11 Frozen Junkyard

Chapter 7: The Final Showdown

Stage Track
Stage 7-11 Turbine Loop


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