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The Destroyer is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was a giant spaceship created by Dr. Robotnik and used during his coup to take over Mobotropolis.



The Destroyer resembled a giant grey metallic blimp. It was fitted with several large jet engines and wide wings in random places on the hull, and had a large keel on the bottom. Also, its nose had a windshield and the hull was aligned with cables and antennas.

Features and abilities

The Destroyer was capable of flight and generated a highly polluted smog that killed fauna almost instantly. It also exerted a field of influence that could reform the environment into an industrial wasteland in a manner of moments, like when it turned Mobotropolis into Robotropolis. The ship itself had its own master computer and was operated by a squadron of Swat-Bot.[1]


The Destroyer was created in secret on top of the royal palace in Mobotropolis with Swat-Bot workforces. When Dr. Robotnik began his coup in 3224, the Destroyer was used by Robotnik to announce his takeover before being deployed to reshape Mobotropolis to Robotnik's liking, turning the once great city into Robotropolis in a manner of moments.[1][2]

When Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally went back in time, they somehow caused the Destroyer to target the Great Forest after finishing with Mobotropolis, unlike in the normal timeline. The duo boarded the Destroyer to stop it, but were cornered by Swat-Bots and incoming reinforcement. Fortunately, Sabina came to their rescue by making the Destroyer crash.[1]

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