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Sonic X
Desperately Seeking Sonic (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Desperately Seeking Sonic".

[Scene: The Blue Typhoon]

[The Blue Typhoon is now flying over a jungle planet. Suddenly an alarm goes off. Amy and Tails on the bridge are alert. Knuckles also hears it from the engine room. Chris and Cream look up from their cooking in the kitchen. Sonic is in the corridor.]

[Scene: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Cosmo and Cream race onto the bridge.]
Tails: Our scanners picked up two objects approaching. Dead ahead and closing fast!
[A 2D radar pops up.]
Amy: I see 'em!
[There are two blips on the radar. They are Metarex Kingape and Metarex Carrer. The former is carrying the planet's Planet Egg.]
Sonic: Metarex!
Cosmo: It looks like they just stole that Planet Egg.
Tails: We can't let those two Metarex get away. We're gonna fight 'em to save that Planet Egg!
Cosmo, Cream, and Amy: Roger!
[Suddenly the ship shakes. Metarex Carrer is grappling the ship with its claws.]
Tails: Fire the laser cannons!
[The dual laser cannons are prepared and fired. However, the lasers bounce harmlessly off Carter’s chest.]
Cream: It bounced right off!
[The claws wrap around the ship so tightly that it severely damages the hull.]
Amy: It's trying to pull our wings off! We have to do something before it's too late!
Tails: We'll stop it! Load the Sonic Power Cannon!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Engine Room]

[Chris is in the engine room with Knuckles.]
Knuckles: We're loading it now.
Chris: Sonic, enter the power cannon to get ready for launch.

[Scene Change: The space above the jungle planet]

[The Sonic Driver is prepared. Sonic runs down the barrel and lands on the spin platform.]
Sonic: Ready!
[He begins his spin, charging the Sonic Driver.]
Tails: Sonic Power Cannon, fire!
[The Sonic Driver launches Sonic through Metarex Carrer, destroying it in a brilliant explosion. The explosion causes Metarex Kingape and the Planet Egg to fall back towards the planet below.]

[Scene: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[The lights are off inside the Blue Typhoon.]
Tails: Looks like we knocked out the Metarex. The big one is out of commission, and the Planet Egg's going back where it belongs.
[The girls cheer for Sonic's victory.]
Cosmo: Thanks to Sonic!
Cream: Yeah! He was incredible!
Amy: He's a real knockout! [Amy looks worried.] Wait a second! Why isn't he coming back to the ship?
[Everyone looks to Tails, who sweat-drops]

[Scene: The Blue Typhoon - Engine Room]

[Chris has heard about the situation.]
Knuckles: What's wrong?
Chris: The cannon that launched Sonic out of the ship worked great. [Chuckles nervously] Unfortunately, we launched him too hard, and he couldn't get out of his spin in time to get back to the ship. [Rubs behind head] Looks like he's headed straight for the planet.
Knuckles: It's too bad he's not packin' a parachute.
Amy: [Wails] Soniiic!

[Scene Change: The Jungle planet]

[Sonic falls from the atmosphere...]

[The opening theme plays]

[...and lands on something metallic - and hard.]
Sonic: Aw, man... What a trip! I wonder where I-- Whoa!
[Sonic looks up to see a destroyed spacecraft and an unconscious Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe. The Eggmobile is also crashed. Sonic immediately stands up.]
Sonic: It's Eggman!
[He also sees the green Chaos Emerald, and picks it up.]
Sonic: He found a Chaos Emerald. You don't mind if I borrow this while you're restin', do ya? Heheh! See ya!
[He takes off. Meanwhile, Metarex Kingape is crouched over the destroyed Metarex Carrer. Kingape shakes Carrer, but the broken robot does not respond.]
Metarex Kingape: This loser's definitely out of it. He was supposed to protect me and the Planet Egg.
Metarex Kingape: [Stands up] What am I gonna do now? I'm not built for battle!
[The Planet Egg is floating nearby.]
Metarex Kingape: What if that ship comes after me? If I don't think of somethin' fast, I'm gonna end up a Meta-wreck!
[Metarex Kingape looks up to see the Blue Typhoon descending towards the planet.]
Metarex Kingape: They did follow me here! And they're comin' for the Planet Egg!
[He frantically looks around, then protectively grasps the Planet Egg.]
Metarex Kingape: What should I do? I don't wanna fight, but I can't let them put the Egg back! Ooh-ooh! Wait a sec! Maybe there's a way for me to fight without fighting! [Laughs]

[Scene: The Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[Tails and Knuckles are inside the X-Tornado. Amy approaches them.]
Amy: Move over! I'm going with you!
Tails: Stay here, Amy. It's not safe. That smaller Metarex may be out there somewhere. [Amy begins hopping up and down.]
Amy: But I HAVE to find Sonic!
Tails: Don't worry, Amy. Knuckles and I will find him and bring him back. Chris needs help fixing the ship. Who knows? Maybe Sonic will show up here.
Knuckles: Tails is trying to tell you that we don't want you getting in our way.
[Tails gets nervous.]
Amy: In your way?!
[Tails sweat-drops]
Knuckles: Come on, Tails. Let's get going.
Tails: OK...
Amy: Do not take off!
[The Typhoon's catapult takes hold of the front wheel of the X-Tornado. It pulls the plane forwards, and the X-Tornado takes off.]
Amy: You'll regret this!

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo descend the boarding ramp into the forest.]
Cream: This is going to be fun! I love to explore new places, don't you, Cheese?
Cheese: Chao!
[Cosmo listens to one of the trees.]
Cosmo: The trees are sad. It seems the Planet Egg hasn't been restored yet. I can't leave here until I make sure it is.
[Cream approaches Cosmo.]
Cream: You mean you're going to go look for the Planet Egg, Cosmo?
Cosmo: [Nods] Yes.
[Amy exits the Blue Typhoon and angrily walks past them.]
Cream: Amy?
Cosmo: Where are you going?
Amy: [Angrily] Where do you think?! I'm gonna go find Sonic!
Cream: But didn't Tails and Knuckles take the X-Tornado to look for him?
Amy: [Shakes Fist.] I'm not gonna rely on anybody else to find Sonic! I have to go rescue him myself! [Amy points her finger in the air and makes a pose.] I won't rest 'til I get him back!
[She walks away.]
Cream: Wait!
Cosmo: Amy is right. I cannot rely on anyone else either. I won't rest until I hold the Planet Egg in my hand.
[She looks up.]
Cream: But...
[Determined, Cosmo runs after Amy. Cream sweat-drops, taking two glances into the Typhoon.]
Cream: Hey, wait for us, Cosmo!
[She too runs after the others.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

[Chris is making repairs in the Typhoon. He is working with wires and a small torch.]
Chris: Amy, could you hand me a microcircuit, please? Amy? Cosmo? Where'd they go?
[The corridor is empty. He puts down the torch and runs to the bridge before typing on a keypad.]
Chris: I can't believe they even left the ship without telling me!
[He puts on a headset.]
Chris: [On radio] It's Chris calling. Amy, do you read me?
[An indicator reads that she is offline.]
Chris: They forgot to bring their comlinks with them!
[He types again, attempting to contact Tails.]
Chris: [On Radio] This is the Blue Typhoon calling the X-Tornado. Come in!
Tails: [Over Radio] X-Tornado here. What's up, Chris?

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

Chris: [Over Radio] Amy's gone. So are Cream and Cheese. Cosmo, too.
Knuckles: Where'd they go, sightseeing?
Chris: [Over Radio] You'd better keep your eyes out for them while you're looking for Sonic.
[Tails notices the blue Chaos Emerald glowing.]
Tails: The Chaos Emerald's reacting to something!
Knuckles: Yeah! That must mean there has to be another Chaos Emerald nearby! Let's find it!

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

Tails: [Over Radio] Hang on; I'm gonna make a turn.
Knuckles: [Over Radio] Call you later, Chris! Right now, we're going Emerald hunting!
Tails: [Over Radio] See you later.
Chris: [On radio] Hey Tails, are you there? Come in! [Off radio, frustrated] Great. Sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself.
[He removes his headset.]

[Scene Change: The jungle planet]

[Amy, Cosmo, and Cream are looking for Sonic in desperation.]
Amy: Sonic! Where are you?
[Cosmo pushes the bushes out of her way. Suddenly her dress snags on a branch, and she is slung up into a tree, dangling upside down..]
Amy: Cosmo! Are you OK?
[Cheese flies up and frees Cosmo. She gracefully floats to the ground.]
Cosmo: I'm fine.
Amy: Maybe you should go back, Cosmo. [Amy smiles, winks, and points her at Cosmo.] Leave the searching to me. Somebody as refined as you doesn't belong out in the wild.
Cosmo: [Shakes head] I'm not turning back. Let's keep going.
[She starts walking.]
Amy: If that's what you want...
[She and Cream follow Cosmo.]
Cosmo: [To herself] I'm tired of running away from danger.
[Suddenly Cosmo is hit by a flashback - the same dream she had when she landed on Mobius. A younger Cosmo is running down the hall when a nearby wall explodes. The Metarex Trooper turns to her. The terrified Cosmo witnesses a bright flash as the flashback ends.]
Cosmo: [To herself] I'm not going to stand by while the Metarex destroy another planet.
[Cosmo pushes her way through a bush and enters a clearing. There, in the middle of the clearing, resting on a mound of dirt, is the Planet Egg.]
Cosmo: It's the Planet Egg.
[Amy and Cream join her.]
Amy: That was easy.
Cream: There's something strange about this...
Amy: What do you mean, Cream?
Cream: How did the Planet Egg land right in the middle of this clearing?
Amy: [Folds arms.] That is kinda weird. Almost as if somebody wants us to find it.
Cosmo: Well, I'm taking it.
[Cosmo is about to step forward, but Amy takes hold of her arm.]
Amy: I don't think that's a good idea.
Cosmo: Maybe you're right, Amy, but we have to put it back where it belongs or this planet is finished.
[Cosmo walks towards the Planet Egg and bends down. Amy and Cream cautiously approach. Just as Cosmo is about to touch the Planet Egg, a net appears underneath them, and the three are slung up in a net and hoisted into the air.]
Amy: Hey! Let us go!
[Metarex Kingape emerges from the clearing.]
Metarex Kingape: Now who's the monkey in the middle? [Laughs]
Cosmo: You again!
[Metarex Kingape walks towards the Planet Egg and picks it up.]
Metarex Kingape: Sorry to leave you hanging, but I have to leave! I'm heading off to steal your ship now so I can escape with the Planet Egg!
[His eye twinkles. The three girls are now trapped in a wooden cage. Metarex Kingape stares them down.]
Metarex Kingape: You fell right into my trap! I bet you didn't expect I'd be this cagey! I can't take all of the credit, though. My scheme wouldn't have worked if you weren't so gullible!
[Amy grits her teeth, grabbing the bars of the cage. Cream wanly smiles.]
Cream: Don't blow your cool. We'll find a way out!
Metarex Kingape: Bye-bye! I'll say hello to your friends for you. If they're as dimwitted as you, I should be doing a victory dance in no time!
[Hooting a laugh, Kingape turns to go.]
Amy: I don't think so, you miserable monkey! Sonic's gonna go ape when he hears you caught me!
[She punches the air to emphasize her point.]
Cream: Don't go ballistic!
Cosmo: It's all my fault. I never should have fallen for the Planet Egg trap. Now we've lost the Planet Egg and Sonic.
[She hears a pounding sound, and turns to see that Amy has destroyed the cage with her hammer.]
Amy: Don't worry, Cosmo.
Cosmo: [Grins] OK. Thanks, Amy.
[Later, the three girls are wading through tall grass.]
Amy: We have to find Sonic and warn him before that Metarex traps him too.
Cream: Shouldn't we go back to the ship, Amy? We could call Tails and Knuckles for help.
Amy: No way! I set out to rescue Sonic all by myself, and that's what we're all gonna do!
Cosmo: I promise to be more careful from now on. We'll never save any planets if I don't stop getting us into trouble all the time.
Amy: This scene sure looks familiar.
[Up ahead is the Planet Egg in another clearing.]
Cream: Looks like another Metarex trap.
Cheese: Chao chao!
Amy: [Folds arms] Well, we're not gonna let him trick us a second time, are we?
Cosmo: Would it try the same trap twice? Well, there's only one way to find out.
[She steps forward.]
Amy: No! Cosmo, don't!
Cosmo: Stay back, and if it's a trap, it will only catch me.
[Just as Cosmo touches the Planet Egg, snares appear around the girls' feet and sling them in the air, Now hanging upside-down in the air, they are forced to hold down their dresses. Metarex Kingape appears from hiding.]
Metarex Kingape: That makes two for two- Huh? Didn't I catch you already? How'd you escape from your cage?
[The vines Amy and Cosmo are tied to begin swinging back and forth.]
Amy: Get lost! That's our business!
Metarex Kingape: You fell for the same trap twice? Whoa, you're bigger saps than the trees around here!
[Metarex Kingape is puzzled when he sees Cream flying upright with the noose still around her legs, and Cheese crossing his stubby arms. Both are not impressed.]
Cream: You know what to do, Cheese!
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Cheese floats into Cream's hand.]
Cream: Go get him!
[Cream throws Cheese as hard as she can at Metarex Kingape.]
Cheese: Chao chaaaaao!
[Cheese slams into Kingape with enough force to knock him over. Cheese frees the others, and they land on the ground. Cosmo picks up the Planet Egg.]
Amy: Come on!
[She takes off running. The others follow, and soon they are once again wading through the tall grass.]
Cream: Maybe we should go back to the ship, Amy.
Amy: No, Cream. That Metarex is still on the loose. I have to find Sonic and warn him!
Cosmo: You must all be angry with me after the trouble I caused today. I'm so focused on saving the galaxy that I can get reckless sometimes.
Amy: You got the Planet Egg. I really admire how you never gave up.
Cosmo: [Smiles] You do?
Amy: I know just how you feel, Cosmo. 'Cause when I think Sonic's in danger, I won't give up 'til I know he's safe. [Stops] That's why I won't stop 'til I find him.
Cream: [Beams] Alright, Amy. Then we won't give up either!
Cheese: Chao!
Cream: And I'm with you too, Amy. Then after we find Sonic, we can work together to make sure to get the Planet Egg back where it belongs.
Cosmo: That's great!
[Suddenly a ball of vines flies in from nowhere, sending Cosmo and the Planet Egg flying in different directions.]
Cream and Amy: Cosmo!
[The Planet Egg lands in Metarex Kingape's open hands.]
Metarex Kingape: That was too easy!
Cosmo: [Off-screen] Not so fast!
[He sees Amy and Cream behind him, and Cosmo floating down to a nearby tree.]
Metarex Kingape: They got me surrounded!
[As Cosmo descends the tree, she picks as many fruits as she can and hurls them at Metarex Kingape. Two of the fruits hit him in the eye, blinding him.]
Metarex Kingape: I can't see!
[Amy takes this opportunity to smash Metarex Kingape with her hammer. The impact causes him to spin around several times before falling over. The girls quickly take this opportunity to escape, but Metarex Kingape cuts them off.]
Metarex Kingape: Hold it right there!
[Amy runs in a different direction, pulling Cream with her.]
Amy: This way!
[However, the three of them accidentally fall into a hole which was covered by grass. Even Cheese falls in. Metarex Kingape dances a victory dance.]
Metarex Kingape: Yeah! I did it! I'm on a roll!
[But Cream flies Amy and Cosmo out of the pit. Cheese carries the Planet Egg out. Metarex Kingape does a double take.]
Amy: Give it all you got, girls!
Cosmo and Cream: Roger!
[Cream swings Cosmo and Cream with all her might. Amy summons her hammer, and they spin towards Metarex Kingape. Amy's hammer collides with him, sending him flying far away. The three girls land on the ground.]
Cream: Alright!
Amy: When we all work together, we're unstoppable!
[They share a high-five.]

[Scene Change]

[Sonic is running with the Chaos Emerald. He stops when he hears the X-Tornado.]
Tails: Sonic!
[The X-Tornado stops in mid-air]
Sonic: Hi, Tails. Look! Got a little present for ya!
Knuckles: He's got another Emerald.
Tails: Stay there! We're comin' down to pick you up.
[The X-Tornado changes to the X-Cyclone and prepares to land. Suddenly, several claws come from nowhere. They take the Chaos Emerald from Sonic and wrap around the X-Cyclone, causing it to crash. It is revealed that the one responsible for this is Eggman and his Egg Bee. Hovering in his Eggmobile, Eggman laughs.]
Sonic: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: I'm taking that Emerald back, Sonic. I found it first, so it belongs to me.
Sonic: But if it wasn't for the Metarex, I'd still have 'em all!
Dr. Eggman: According to my rules, it's stealers keepers, Sonic!
[Decoe and Bocoe load the Chaos Emerald into a hatch in the Egg Bee.]
Decoe: Retrieval operation complete. The Emerald is secure.
Bocoe: Time to power up!
[The Egg Bee uses the Chaos Emerald's power to turn red. Knuckles leaps out of the X-Cyclone, ready to take on Eggman. Amy, Cream, and Cosmo run in with Metarex Kingape hot on their trail.]
Metarex Kingape: I'm not monkeying around this time!
[The girls leap into the air to escape from Metarex Kingape. Amy uses Eggman for leverage, while Cream and Cosmo bounce off the heads of Decoe and Bocoe.]
Decoe and Bocoe: What the?
[Metarex Kingape crushes the two hench-bots in his pursuit. The girls run right past Sonic and Knuckles, but when Amy notices Sonic, they stop.]
Amy: Sonic!
[Metarex Kingape skids to a halt.]
Metarex Kingape: No! Now they're all gonna gang up against me!
[Amy throws herself at Sonic, hugging and kissing him.]
Amy: Sonic! I've been looking all over for you!
Sonic: This isn't a kissing booth!
[Cosmo lifts the Planet Egg into the air.]
Cosmo: Look, everybody! We found the Planet Egg. Isn't that fantastic?
[Knuckles looks confused.]
Knuckles: [Waves hand] Take it easy.
Dr. Eggman: I'm not a trampoline! Nobody goes hopping on my head and gets away with it!
Decoe and Bocoe: Activating attack mode!
[The Egg Bee extends three of its claws down and pluck Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, Cosmo, and Cream from off the ground. Even Metarex Kingape is grabbed.]
Metarex Kingape: Let me go! I'm battling against the hedgehog and his friends too!
Dr. Eggman: No way. I won't work with anyone who looks like he belongs in a zoo!
[Cosmo closes her eyes and focuses as the Planet Egg unleashes its power. The trees begin to grow huge, even entangling with the Egg Bee.]
Dr. Eggman: What's going on?
Tails: The energy from the Planet Egg is making the vegetation grow faster!
[The vines pry the claws loose and wrap around the Mobians and Seedrian.]
Knuckles: It's growing like crazy!
Amy: These vines sure are clingy, aren't they?
Sonic: Let me go!
[The vines entangle everyone and everything.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Chris is forced to put his headset back on and contact the others.]
Chris: [Over radio] This is the Blue Typhoon. Over.
[But he hears gibberish on the other end.]
Chris: [Over radio] Hold on! Calm down and try to talk one at a time!

[Scene Change: The Jungle Planet]

Dr. Eggman: Bocoe, start pruning these plants now!
[Decoe and Bocoe attempt to cut the vines.]
Bocoe: They are growing too fast, Doctor!
Amy: Cosmo, what's wrong?
Cosmo: I can't control the Planet Egg! I'm sorry!
[The vines extend into the sky. Just then Chris in his spaceship arrives on the scene.]
Chris: Hang on, guys!
Sonic: Huh? It's Chris!
[Tails tries to reach for something in the X-Tornado.]
Tails: Almost...
[He manages to get the Chaos Emerald out of the X-Tornado.]
Tails: Got it! Catch, Sonic!
[He tosses the Emerald to Sonic, who catches it.]
Sonic: Nice work, Tails!
[Sonic uses the Emerald's power to spin free of the vine.]
Chris: Sonic, heads up!
[He fires a rocket which changes into a bright light which strikes Sonic's shoes. He is now wearing soap shoes. He uses his new shoes to ride down a giant vine towards a terrified Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe. Sonic then destroys the Egg Bee, throwing the three and the Eggmobile into the air. Sonic leaps up and catches the falling green Chaos Emerald. He sees that his friends are still bound by the vines.]
Sonic: Sorry to leave ya hangin'.
[The Planet Egg Floats out of Cosmo's grasp. It then moves under the surface of the planet, and waves of energy traverse the entire planet. The vines loosen their grasp on their captors, and everyone falls or floats to the ground. Amy dusts herself off.]
Amy: No wonder I don't like gardening.
Metarex Kingape: What a botanical nightmare.
Amy: Get lost, pal.
[Everyone stares down at Metarex Kingape. The Metarex sweat-drops before rubbing the back of his head.]
Metarex Kingape: I couldn't stop myself from tricking you. I was programmed for monkey business. [Bows] I'm really sorry! I learned my lesson!
[He sees Sonic with the Chaos Emerald.]
Metarex Kingape: Ah, what a beautiful Emerald!
[He tries to grab the Emerald from Sonic, but the hedgehog darts out of the way before returning to Metarex Kingape's side.]
Sonic: I'm not that slow, buddy.
[Metarex Kingape slowly turns to the others. Sonic, Amy, and Tails look more than ready for a fight.]
Metarex Kingape: This mission... is drivin' me bananas!
[He is instantaneously blown up by the trio.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Tails and Cosmo have placed the green and blue Chaos Emeralds on a small table.]
Tails: Only five more to go.
Cosmo: [Happily] I'm sure we'll get them all back.
Chris: You think so, Cosmo?
Cosmo: You bet! Today I learned that if we all work together, anything is possible.
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Amy, Cream, and Cosmo look out the window together as the Blue Typhoon cruises on to the next destination. The episode ends and the credits roll.]