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Sonic Boom
Designated Heroes

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"Designated Heroes" is the forty-eighth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 6 September 2015 in France and on 17 October 2015 in the United States.


The gang accepts a dare from Dr. Eggman to fight him not as a group but one at a time. Eggman uses each hero's weakness to his advantage.



Races and species:





On a beautiful day, Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot are robbing a toy factory in hopes of demoralizing the Unnamed Village when Team Sonic shows up, attracted by Eggman's noisy vacuum gadget on the Eggmobile. Eggman has his Ball Bots attack the heroes while Orbot and Cubot pretend to be commentators. Sonic picks up a tennis racket and knocks a Ball Bot back at the Eggmobile while Amy knocks a Ball Bot directly into Eggman's gut with her hammer. Playing with some skipping rope, Sticks makes a net which she catches the Ball Bots with for Knuckles to destroy. Tails on the other hand, tries and fails to knock Ball Bots back with a baseball bat. Losing patience, Tails pulls out a large glue gun and traps the villains in glue which instantly hardens. Team Sonic celebrates their victory, but Eggman complains by citing slow, sarcastic clapping before stating that that five-against-one is unfair. Eggman thus proposes a challenge: if the heroes are all about playing fairplay, they should try taking him on one-on-one next time. Sonic accepts on behalf of his team.

In the following fights with Team Sonic, Eggman easily manipulates the heroes by appealing to each of their personality traits. First, he confronts Amy in his Eggmobile as she stands guard outside the Unnamed Village. As Amy is about hit Eggman though, he cons Amy out of her hammer by claiming to use it for a charitable cause. With Sticks, he humors her paranoia about alien signs and takes a cage she had prepared (and her shoes when he convinces her their noise is attracting the aliens) after he gets her to leave to warn the others of the aliens. As Eggman later arrives for his fight with Tails, the fox reveals his new invention to battle the doctor: a new force field device dubbed the "MX-4180 Electroplasmatic Capsulator". However, Eggman compliments Tails into giving him the control for the device, which Eggman uses to freeze Tails in his place. Knuckles then arrives to take over for Tails (after waiting a while for his shift to come), but Eggman preys on Knuckles' gullibility by convincing him to do warm-ups for their fight with stretch exercises, bending a sheet of metal into a paper airplane and digging away from their fight. Later, at Meh Burger, an unimpressed Sonic laughs at his humiliated pals' failures before heading off to take his turn to fight Eggman.

In the badlands, Sonic waits impatiently for Eggman to show, making funny noises and holding an imaginary tea party with some rocks to kill the time. The rest of the team arrives to go to the beach while Sonic stays on-guard, thinking Eggman is too scared to fight him. Sonic soon naps, only to wake up upon the arrival of Dr. Eggman who captures him in a force field-enhanced cage using a contraption made from the items he stole from Team Sonic. Sonic's friends soon show up, and despite still being mad at Sonic for his teasing of them, they agree to help him. However, Eggman reminds them that they are still honor-bound to fight one-on-one. The heroes do so, but switch out as needed instead of sticking of a schedule. As the fight begins, Orbot and Cubot again act as commentators. Sticks goes first with her boomerang, prompting Eggman to attack her with a self-propelled wheel equipped with Amy's Hammer. Switching out with Sticks, Amy takes her hammer back and attacks Eggman. Eggman responds by pinning Amy to a wall with his metal airplane, but Amy has Knuckles tag in and throw the airplane back at Eggman, who blocks it with Tails' device. Sticks then takes over for Knuckles who gets the controls for Tails' invention back. With Knuckles' aid, Tails frees Sonic who then traps Eggman in the remains of his cage. Amy comments on their teamwork, but when Sonic snarks that he still got the last hit in, the others leave him in a force field-enhanced cage with Eggman as payback.


  • When Knuckles and Eggman stare at each other, the former's eyes become completely black.

Regional differences

  • The scene before Eggman explains his charity to Amy, the line "Just smash my teeth in." was deleted in the UK.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Yksi Kerrallaan One at a time
French À qui le tour? Who's next?
German Ausgewiesene Helden Proven heroes
Hungarian Önjelölt hősök Self-appointed heroes
Italian Uno per volta One at a time
Japanese 1対1の勝負 One-on-One Fight
Korean 일대일 규칙 1-on-1 Rules
Persian چند نفر به یک نفر Several to one
Polish Wyznaczeni bohaterowie Designated heroes
Portuguese (Brazil) Herói da Vez Hero of the Turn
Portuguese (Portugal) Heróis de Serviço Service Heroes
Romanian Eroi desemnați Designated heroes
Russian Выходи по одному Go one by one
Spanish (Latin America) Héroes Designados Designated Heroes
Spanish (Spain) Héroes por Turnos Heroes by Turns
Ukrainian Справжні герої True heroes


  • The toy-and-game factory Eggman attacked uses the same model as the DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse.
  • Eggman sings a parody of "99 Bottles of Beer" at the end of the episode.
  • The immobilizing effects of the MX-4180 Electroplasmatic Capsulator resemble those demonstrated by Charlie's Mech Suit in "Counter Productive".
  • Sticks' cage uses the same model as the other cage she used in "Late Fees".
  • Despite Sticks taking off her shoes, her feet are never shown. Every shot featuring her after removing her shoes is specifically structured to crop her off at the ankles or cover them with another object such as a trash can or rock. After being attacked by Eggman using Amy's hammer, she is shown with her shoes still on.
  • Early development footage showed Sticks actually missing her boots, suggesting the episode experienced a last-second change.[4]
  • Cubot's name for Eggman, "El Huevo loco," is Spanish for "Crazy Egg."
  • This episode aired in France as the fiftieth episode in the series.


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