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Sonic Runners Adventure
Desert Ruins

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Desert Ruins is the second playable stage in Sonic Runners Adventure. This stage is a re-imagination of Desert Ruins from Sonic Lost World.


Desert Ruins are a yellow desert area with a blue sky above it. On the main playable path are blue-shaded curbs with blocky shapes below them, and along them are red-thorned cacti and prickly bushes. In the background on the other hand are pyramids, obelisks, and other Egyptian structures. Across the desert are also a few lakes and sand twisters.


Arriving through a robot teleporter from Green Hill during their hunt for Dr. Eggman, Tails notices that Sonic was injured during the transfer process. As such, he has Sonic stay and rest while he goes ahead. After asking the local Animals about Eggman, Tails finds one of the doctor's strongholds and several of his robots stirring up dust devils. Although Tails manages to shut down the stronghold, the Badniks keep on coming, so he regroups with Sonic, who soon spots Eggman, and together they chase the doctor down. Despite facing new Badnik hordes along the way, Tails catches up to Eggman and defeats him. Recuperating, Eggman makes another escape, leaving Sonic and Tails to chase after him once more.


Like other levels in Sonic Runners Adventure, levels in Desert Ruins have the playable characters running down a path ridden with obstacles, gimmicks and enemies non-stop, and it is the player's job to keep themselves alive until they reach the goal. Along the way, the player can complete certain mission objectives (a few of which are needed to complete the level). The stage is ideal for Fly Type characters.


The following levels and their mission goals are found in Desert Ruins:

Level Star
Name Level type Favored type Mission goals
1 2 3
13 N/A Sandy New World Finite Fly Collect 395 Rings using a Fly Type character Collect 485 Rings using a Fly Type character Collect 615 Rings using a Fly Type character
14 N/A The Oasis Looped Fly Defeat 20 Badniks using a Fly Type character Defeat 30 Badniks using a Fly Type character Defeat 40 Badniks using a Fly Type character
15 N/A The Sandstorm Looped Fly Collect 450 Rings Collect 550 Rings Collect 650 Rings
16 N/A The Stronghold Finite Fly Defeat 35 Badniks Defeat 40 Badniks Defeat 45 Badniks
17 N/A Dust Devils Finite Fly Collect 1,500 Rings Defeat 45 Badniks Collect 1,725 Rings using Charmy
18 N/A Ace in the Hole Looped Fly Collect 690 Rings Defeat 45 Badniks Finish the level with no damage using Charmy
19 N/A With Sonic Speed Looped Fly Collect 870 Rings Defeat 80 Badniks Collect all Rings
20 N/A Eagle Eye Finite Fly Defeat 90 Badniks Collect 2,700 Rings Defeat 120 Badniks using Rouge
21 N/A Steel Legion Looped Fly Collect 970 Rings Defeat 70 Badniks Finish the level with no damage
22 35 Desert Treasure Infinite Fly Reach 1,450 meters within 175 seconds Reach 2,100 meters within 175 seconds Reach 2,900 meters within 175 seconds
23 40 The Stash Infinite Fly Collect 2,480 Rings within 175 seconds Reach 2,850 meters within 175 seconds Defeat 105 Badniks within 175 seconds
24 N/A Checkmate Boss N/A Collect 255 Rings within 140 seconds Defeat the boss within 140 seconds using a Fly Type character Defeat the boss with no damage within 140 seconds using a Power Type character



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