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Sonic X
Depths of Danger (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Depths of Danger".

[The intro music for Sonic X plays.]

[The scene pans through several grayscale screenshots of the previous episode while two news voices comment on the incident.]
News voice 1: Dr. Eggman went head-to-head with Sonic, but the hedgehog hammered him big time. Did he survive?
News voice 2: Did he escape?
[The scene quickly pans to a naval armada and then the view of the Earth from outer Space.]
Both news voices: Where is Dr. Eggman?

[Scene: The White House]

[The scene pans to the White House where the President is conversing with his third assistant.]
President: Where is Dr. Eggman? I need to know if he survived the attack on his ship.
Director of Central Intelligence: We are searching the area near the crash site to see if there's any sign of him.
President: If we don't track down that madman soon, he's going to strike back. Find him!
Director of Central Intelligence: Right!
[The President's third assistant turns around and leaves the office. After he leaves, the President sighs and turns to look out in the window. The scene changes to a seabed located deep underwater where the Egg Fort can be seen just lying by some rocks. Inside, Decoe whines as he tries not to make a sound.]
Dr. Eggman: He he he he he!
[Bocoe does the same thing Decoe is doing. Dr. Eggman is seen holding onto both Decoe and Bocoe.]
Decoe: Doctor-
Dr. Eggman: Quiet! Don't make a sound. There's a search team up there listening for us. If they hear us, we're done for.
Decoe: Sorry.
[Outside, a naval submarine scouts through the water passing by the Egg Fort. While the trio breathe in relief, Eggman tosses Decoe and Bocoe out of his grip.]
Dr. Eggman: Now go outside and get this ship patched up, you lead heads!
Decoe: Outside? In the water?
Bocoe: But we will short-circuit.
Decoe: Not to mention rust.

[The Sonic X opening theme "Gotta Go Fast" or "Sonic X" plays.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Dining room]

[Chris, Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese are there having lunch.]
Ella: Are you ready for dessert?
Amy and Cream: Yeah!
Chuck: I'm glad you're here, I've got good news.
Tails: What kind of good news, Chuck?
[Chuck enters with Mr. Tanaka who is holding a flat tile of passports.]
Chuck: I'm going to hand out some official documents issued by the government that you'll need to hang on to.
Tails: Documents?
Chuck: Yes. To verify your identity.
Amy: But what for?
Chuck: They'll help you prove who you are when you travel around. And for Tails, we have special licenses that allow him to fly any kind of aircraft he can build to any destination on the planet.
Tails: All these just to fly?
Chris: He never needed them before.
Chuck: Well, that's the price Tails and the others will have to pay for being made residents of this place. From now on, they're going to have to follow the same rules and regulations as the rest of us.
[Amy opens her passport and takes a glance at it. She gets mad upon seeing her profile picture.]
Amy: I look terrible!
Mr. Tanaka: Really?
Chris: You do?
Cream: Let me see.
Amy: Why did they have to use this picture?! I look like a lunatic!
Mr. Tanaka: Now now, Ms. Amy. I wouldn't say that it makes you look like a lunatic, exactly.
Amy: It makes me look like an insane, off-the-wall, out-of-control maniac! I HATE IT!
Sonic: Hey there, guys. What's all the excitement about in here?
Chuck: Sonic! Just in time. I've got your documents, too. Here, always keep this with you.
[Chuck passes Sonic's documents to him.]
Sonic: Huh? What's this for?
Chris: It's a passport so you can go wherever you want whenever you want to.
Sonic: Pretty cool. I do like to travel. If I went everywhere I wanted to go on this whole planet, it'd take me... [Sonic chuckles] about a day!
[The scene changes to the garage where Sonic and his friends prepare to take off in the X Tornado.]
Amy: Bye, everybody.
Cream: We'll see you later.
Ella: Now you be careful up there. No funny stuff.
Chris: Bye grandpa, I'll see ya!
Chuck: I'll be waiting.
[The palm trees on the runway lean away from the it as the X Tornado takes off.]
Tails: X Tornado, take off!
[Mr. Tanaka and Ella wave goodbye to the gang from below.]
Chuck: Tanaka, go keep an eye on Chris, but make sure he doesn't see you.
Mr. Tanaka: Yes, sir. I will be invisible.

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

[Up in the X Tornado, Sonic is seen cruising outside the plane while Amy and Cream converse.]
Cream: Oh, Amy, are we going to go somewhere that is sunny?
Amy: Uh huh. [Amy shows Cream the travel guide she's reading.] Look! The Grand Blue Sapphire Sea! This travel guide says it's one of the most beautiful places of the whole planet. I bet the sunsets are very romantic.
Chris: Hey, Amy, do you read me?
Amy: Huh?
Chris: Check out the scenery down there. It's really pretty awesome.
Amy: I'm not looking. I only care about one thing: and that's getting to the Sea ASAP.
Chris: But I'm trying to tell you. We're flying over the Grand Blue Sapphire Sea right now!
[Amy and Cream turn to the beautiful sights of the ocean below.]
Amy: Wow! The water looks amazing!
Cream: It's so beautiful...
Amy: Yeah! I wanna go swim! And go water-skiing too!
Cream: Let's all go sailing!
Chris: Yeah! I can't wait!
Tails: Hey, Chris.
Chris: What's wrong?
Tails: Check out the Chaos Emerald.
[The Chaos Emerald is seen glowing brightly.]
Chris: Could it be another emerald?
[The X Tornado starts shaking.]
Sonic: Hey, what's going on?
Tails: The same thing happened when we were flying over Diamond Stadium. And that means...
Cream: Since we're flying over water, there must be a Chaos Emerald underwater.
Amy: You're right, Cream.
Chris: Then we have to go find it.
Tails: Hang on, I see a landing spot. I'm gonna take us down.

[Scene Change: The coastal town]

[After landing the X Tornado, the gang arrives at a coastal town.]
Sonic: Ahh... nice place here. [The gang sees several civilians turning their attention to them.] Let's try to keep a low profile here, okay, guys?
Passer-by 1: Hey, isn't that Sonic the Hedgehog?
Passer-by 2: Yes, it is him.
Passer-by 3: I wonder what he's doing here.
Passer-by 4: Let's get his autograph!
[Suddenly, a large crowd of the civilians all come rampaging and follow after the gang.]
Chris: Stampede!
Sonic: We better get out of here quick!

[Scene Change: The beach]

[The gang seemingly outran the civilians and stop at a beach, huffing and puffing from their sprint.]
Chris: We can't escape crowds no matter where we go.
Amy: Being famous isn't any fun. I just wish we can blend in with the crowd, but that seems impossible.
Cream: We all stick out too much.
Tails: It was a lot easier when we had to hide out at your house.
Chris: Well, at least we lost that crowd for a little while.
Amy: Yeah, why don't we all go for a swim while we have a chance?
Cream: Hey, didn't Sonic run here with us? Where did he go?
Chris: Maybe he decided to go look for that Chaos Emerald by himself.
[Chris is then seen wondering around the beach in search of Sonic.]
Chris: Sonic! Where are you? Hey! Sonic! I wish he didn't always have to do things on his own.
Sonic: You're talking about me?
Chris: So there you are. I thought you'd be looking for the Chaos Emerald, not taking it easy.
Sonic: That Chaos Emerald's out there somewhere but I can't find it unless if I can get to the bottom and stay there for a while.
Chris: Huh? Hmm... so the big problem is how to get you an air supply down there, right? Leave it to me!
[Amy and Cream are seen swimming in the sea while Tails and Cheese rest by some rocks to catch the sun's rays. Chris then hands Sonic one end of a hose.]
Chris: Our problem's solved. Now you can get to the emerald.
[Sonic sticks the end of the hose into his mouth.]
Sonic: I hope you're sticking the other end of this thing in a milkshake.
Chris: No, it's an air hose. I'll keep this end up here so you can breathe. Make sure you don't lose the hose or you'll be in trouble.
Sonic: Yeah, and out of air. Okay, I'll give it a shot.
Chris: Good luck, Sonic.
[Sonic jumps into the water and walks along the seabed while breathing through the hose. Back at the surface, the hose holder drops into the water, causing it to be stuck behind some sea rocks that prevent Sonic from proceeding forwards. While Sonic tries to pull the hose holder out, a crab takes notice of this and lunges at Sonic, cutting the hose with its pincers. Sonic struggles for breath and the crab pinches his rear end as Sonic swims up to the surface. While Sonic reaches the surface, the crab pinches him again before falling back into the water. Chris then returns with a large bell.]
Chris: Here, this will work. You can bring air with you. It's a diving bell. See?
Sonic: This is the most ding-a-ling thing I've ever heard of.
[Sonic returns underwater carrying the bell with him.]
Sonic: It's hot in here, but it sure beats breathing through a hose. Only I can't see where in the water I'm going. I wish this thing had a window. [Sonic trips over a sea rock and the large bell traps him in.] Oh great, I'm stuck! This diving bell is useless! I can't even ring it to get help!
[Sonic is somehow rescued back to surface.]
Sonic: Any more bright ideas?
Chris: We can't give up yet. There's gotta be some way to reach that emerald.
[Chris strolls through the coastal town with Sonic and his friends.]
Chris: If we're going to search underwater, the best way to go is to rent some scuba gear. You always need to use professional equipment, or else diving can be really dangerous.
[Sonic frowns at this. The gang then arrive at a diving shop to purchase the necessary equipment.]
Chris: We'll need five air tanks, plus flippers and a pair of goggles for me. I should have enough money with me to pay for all the diving equipment and the boat. How much will that all cost, sir?
Diving Shop Manager: Forget it. You don't owe me a dime.
Chris: Huh?
Diving Shop Manager: The government sent a notice to all shop owners that it'll cover your bills as part of its "Sonic budget". Is there anything else I can get for you guys?
Chris: Um...
Diving Shop Manager: It might help if you told me what you are diving for.
Chris: We're going to see... Erhm, wow, this awesome ship model is exactly like the one on that painting, right?
Diving Shop Manager: Oh yeah, they're the same. You see, this ship was lost at sea a long time ago, and there's a legend that it sank near here with a huge load of gold. Folks here think the legend's true.
[Chris and the others leave the diving shop.]
Chris: Thanks. Let's go get the boat, guys.
Diving Shop Manager: Take care, and have fun! I hope they find what they're looking for.
[Out at sea, Sonic and the others prepare themselves to dive.]
Amy: Don't worry, Sonic. We'll be with you in case you get into trouble.
Chris: That's right.
Tails: But we know you'll do great down there.
Chris: Remember to take long deep breaths and you'll be okay.
Sonic: Right.
Chris: Then let's go.
[Chris dives into the water first.]
Amy: You all set, Sonic?
Sonic: Yep, let's dive!
[Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream dive and follow Chris. The scene changes to another part of the ocean where the Egg Fort surfaces.]
Dr. Eggman: All right you two, get to work!
Decoe: Underwater repairs are the worst.
Bocoe: My circuits get soaked.
News Anchor: Now it's time for SSTV Sonic News Update. After defeating Doctor Eggman, Sonic and his friends are taking a much deserved holiday.
Dr. Eggman: Holiday!? He gets a holiday!?
Bocoe: But Sonic is a goofball! We work harder than he does!
Decoe: We have never had a day off since we were activated. This is unfair!
Bocoe: Robots need vacations too!
Dr. Eggman: [Grunts] I'll make Sonic pay!

[Scene Change: The ocean]

[The five divers swim near the ocean floor. Tails, holding the Chaos Emerald, leads the way]
Tails: The Chaos Emerald's getting brighter. We must be getting closer!
Chris: Hey, look!
[They stop swimming when they see something]
Chris: Whoa!
[They find that they have arrived at the wreckage of a ship]
Chris: That must be the ship the guy in the diving shop told me about.
Tails: It looks like that's where we'll find the Chaos Emerald, too.
Sonic: Then what are we waitin' for? Let's go check it out.
[They proceed towards the wreckage]

[Scene Change: The surface]

[Bokkun is flying through the skies. He spots the abandoned boat]
Bokkun: Ha! Gotcha!
[But at a closer inspection, he finds that neither Sonic nor his friends are there]
Bokkun: Huh?
[The boat's only occupant is Cheese, who is asleep]
Bokkun: Aw, it's only that squirt, Cheese. Sonic's not on the boat, but he's supposed to be. Ah... Where could he be?

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

[Eggman is reclining in a deck chair on the Egg Fort's deck. Decoe is holding an umbrella over him, and Bocoe is fanning him]
Dr. Eggman: Heheh! While I'm waiting to catch Sonic, I'll catch a few rays, too!
[Bokkun arrives]
Bokkun: Love the bathing suit, Doc! Did you get that in prison?
Dr. Eggman: Well, Bokkun. I bet Sonic was feeling really blue after you gave him that message for me, wasn't he?
Bokkun: Well...
[Bokkun pulls out his TV and plays the message]
Dr. Eggman (TV): Having a nice, vacation, Sonic? I hope you aren't. I hope you forget to use sunscreen and get burnt!
Dr. Eggman: Wait. This message was supposed to self-destruct after you played it for Sonic! ...Unless you never played it for him. You did play it for him, Bokkun, didn't you?
Bokkun: I tried to, Doc, but nobody was on the boat except for that little Cheese ball! I'm pretty sure all the others went diving.
Dr. Eggman (TV): And now, here's a little souvenir to remember your vacation by!
[The TV Eggman laughs]
Dr. Eggman: You fool! Get that thing away from me!
Decoe: It is too late.
[The TV explodes, covering Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe in soot]
Dr. Eggman: You won't wreck my plans again, Sonic! [Points] I'll wreck you! Prepare to submerge! I'll bury Sonic at sea!

[Scene Change: The shipwreck]

[The divers have stumbled across the treasure]
Tails: Wow...
Chris: So the legend was true...
Cream: It's amazing!
Amy: Think of how much jewelry you could make with all this gold!
Tails: This is glowing at full brightness now. I bet the new Chaos Emerald is buried somewhere under all this gold. We'll have to dig through the treasure to find it.
Chris: Right. But that could take us forever!
[The crab Sonic saw earlier appears, holding the blue Chaos Emerald]
Chris: What's that?!
Sonic: Oh, no way!
Chris: He's got the Chaos Emerald!
Tails: You think he'll give it to us?
[Sonic approaches the crab, startling it]
Sonic: Hold it right there! We need that Chaos Emerald. Drop it or I'll give you something to be crabby about.
[The crab tosses the Chaos Emerald to Amy and flees]
Amy: This vacation turned out to be very rewarding.
Cream: We're one emerald closer to going home!
Dr. Eggman: [Off-screen] Your vacation is over, Sonic!
[Everyone turns to see the Egg Fort descending towards them]
Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] He's going to wish he never saw the sea! Clurken, put the sting on thay hedgehog!
[The robot called E-57 Clurken approaches]
Sonic: You guys get back to the boat. I can handle Eggman and this robot myself.
Chris: All right. But be careful, Sonic. Come on, guys!
[Everyone but Sonic swims for the surface. Clurken attemps to crush Sonic with one of its tentacles, but Sonic dodges. He tries to run, but only succeeds in kicking up a dust cloud. He also goes up like in Episode 1. Clurken slams all its tentacles into the ground, causing the ground to break and send Sonic flying]
Sonic: Running underwater is really a drag! It's impossible to move fast here!

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

Dr. Eggman: He should have known that water makes the perfect speed trap!

[Scene Change: The ocean]

[Clurken's tentacles fire missiles. The force of the explosions send Sonic towards the surface]

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

[Eggman laughs]
Dr. Eggman: This time, he's all washed up!

[Scene Change: The surface]

[Chris, Tails, and Amy are on the boat. Chris helps Cream onto the boat]
Chris: Is everybody okay?
Tails: Of course we are!
Mr. Tanaka: [Off-screen] Ahoy! Ahoy, Master Chris!
[Tanaka appears in a larger boat]
Mr. Tanaka: I came to rescue you!
Chris: Mister Tanaka?
Mr. Tanaka: We do not have much time. All of you, get aboard, quickly!
Chris: Hold on! What are you doing here?
Mr. Tanaka: I promised your grandfather I'd keep you out of trouble, and so I followed you all here. I saw you needed help, and came faster that you can say "Dinner is served."
[Chris' mouth hangs open. Meanwhile, Sonic dodges another tentacle attack, but takes hold of it and allows Clurken to throw him to the surface. Clurken surfaces itself and uses all its tentacles to lift Sonic and toss him repeatedly into the air]
Sonic: Hey! Get your tentacles off of me! Hey! Cut it out!
Chris: Put him down!
[Just then Sam Speed arrives on a jetski]
Sam: Hahahaha! Uncle Sam to the rescue!
Chris: Uncle Sam!
Sam: I heard you might be in a jam, so I sped right over!
[He picks up a handle used for waterskiing]
Sam: Grab this and you can ski your way free!
[He tosses the handle to Sonic, who catches it. He takes off. Clurken fires more missiles at Sonic, but they miss.]
Sonic: Come on! You can do better than that, Eggman!
Tails: [Off-screen] Hey, Sonic!
[Sonic looks up to see Tails flying above him]
Tails: A ring! Here, catch!
[Tails tosses a Power Ring to Sonic, who catches it. To Sam's surprise, Sonic does a spin-dash, U-turns in midair, and barrels through Clurken, causing it to explode brilliantly.]
Chris: All right!
[Sam gives Sonic a thumbs-up, who returns it with a wink]
Sonic: Thanks, Sam.

[Scene Change: The dive shop]

Diving Shop Manager: Whoa! I can't believe it! The legend of the sunken ship is true?
Chris: Yeah. But Eggman's robot came after us and wrecked the wreck. Whatever's left of that ship and the treasure gut buried on the sea bottom.
Diving Shop Manager: Ah, I see... But the ship really did exist. You saw it.
Chris: [Nods] Yeah.
[The Diving Shop Manager looks at the painting behind him.]
Diving Shop Manager: I tried to find that ship for years. Thanks to you, I finally have proof that it was real.

[Scene Change: Tanaka's boat]

[It is now sunset]
Chris: [To Tails] Then the guy at the diving shop told me the most amazing story of all. Turns out, his great-grandfather was the captain of that sunken ship we found.
Tails: Whoa, cool!
Cream: I'm sure glad we came here.
Cheese: Chao-chao!
Amy: And now that Dr. Eggman's gone, we can enjoy our vacation.

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort]

News Reporter: Dr. Eggman struck again today with a new robot, but was quickly defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic went on to continue his vacation-
[Eggman turns off the TV and growls.]
Dr. Eggman: Rest while you can, Sonic. You're going to need it.

[The outro music for Sonic X plays.]