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Dengeki Nintendo (電撃Nintendo Dengeki Nintendo?) is a monthly Japanese gaming magazine published by ASCII Media Works (formerly MediaWorks).[1] The magazine is part of the Dengeki (電撃 Dengeki?, lit. "electric shock") brand of magazines and book imprints that also included Dengeki Dreamcast.

Dengeki Nintendo mainly covers information pertaining to Nintendo games and consoles. The magazine was originally named Dengeki Super Famicom when it first went on sale on 26 December 1992. The name was then changed accordingly with each new console release until Dengeki Nintendo DS in April 2006. This would be the longest lasting title until May 2012, when the magazine was retitled to Dengeki Nintendo for Kids. The current title of Dengeki Nintendo was established with the June 2013 issue.

From September 2008 to May 2013, the magazine has featured a number of Sonic the Hedgehog manga adaptations made by Makoto Hirono to promote the release of the newest game at the time.[2]

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