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The Delta Ray Machine[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a tool invented by Dr. Bob Bobble that uses delta rays to increase muscle mass.



The Delta Ray Machine is a large machine made of grey metal with several tubes and wires on it. It also has a single foot on which it stands on.

Features and traits

The Delta Ray Machine is capable of firing condensed Delta Rays. These rays causes a person's muscles to grow exponentially, giving them superhuman strength. However, the device has a few nasty side-effects; the rays turns the target's skin purple, lowers the target's intellect and makes the target's muscles' grow uncontrollably on their own, eventually to the point where the target is incapable of moving.[1]


The Delta Ray Machine was invented by Dr. Bob Bobble after months of hard work. Attempting to prove his invention worked, Bobble used the Delta Ray Machine on himself. However, the device's blast made him lose its controller. Unable to turn it off, Bobble lost his mind and became a monster, who would crush the device to stop his growth. To stop Bobble, Vector the Crocodile repaired the Delta Ray Machine and reversed its polarity, allowing him to turn Bobble back to normal. Sonic the Hedgehog then smashed the machine to prevent this from happening again.[1]


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