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Sonic and the Black Knight
Deep Woods

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Deep Woods (ディープ・ウッズ Dīpu Uzzu?) is the third area of Sonic and the Black Knight. Deep Woods is also the home to Nimue and where Sir Lancelot awaits Sonic.


Stormy skies in the farmlands just outside Deep Woods

Storm clouds gather in the sky as the pastoral farmlands outside Camelot Castle give way to a sprawling woodland of old-growth trees and spiked vines. The forest is inhabited, though, with the Arthurian folk residing in several walled villages within the confines of the forest (and they plant an inordinate quantity of bear traps between the trees). Marshes, ponds, and gorges make the Deep Woods a varied environment for any adventurer.


With Caliburn successfully sharpened by the Blacksmith, Sonic and the sword press on with their main quest for Merlina the Wizard: finding Nimue to learn how to counteract the Scabbard of Excalibur and thus curtail King Arthur's immortality. Accordingly, they proceed from Castle Camelot to the Lady's home in Deep Woods.

After cutting a path through the underworld legions in the forest, the hedgehog encounters Sir Lancelot, the strongest of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table who challenged him to a fight. Sonic manages to defeat the Knight of the Lake in battle but according to Caliburn, the victory only came through mere luck.

Finally, the hedgehog arrives at Nimue's enchanted lake, only to find that Nimue is this world's doppelgänger of Amy Rose. Sonic initially hesitates to run off but after Caliburn orders Sonic to remain respectful, Nimue agrees to tell Sonic how to negate the Scabbard's power if he can prove himself as a true and noble knight, by completing three quests for her:

  • Free the innocents from King Arthur's dungeon
  • Offer compassion to those in need
  • Defeat King Arthur's Knights of the Underworld

Nimue sets Sonic a time limit of three days. Wasting no time, the Blue Blur races back to Castle Camelot to orchestrate a medieval prison break.


  • Special Challenge: Reach the Lady of the Lake - 250 followers
  • Defeat the Boss: Sir Lancelot - 200 followers
  • Rampage: Defeat 50 enemies - 400 followers
  • Total Rampage: Defeat as many enemies as possible - 350 followers
  • Ring-Giver: Give the townspeople 80 rings - 400 followers
  • Defeat the Boss: Lancelot Returns - 250 followers
  • Go for the Goal: Reach the goal - 600 followers
  • Ultimate Challenge: Defeat as many enemies as possible - 350 followers

Items which can be acquired in the Dark Woods missions include:

Rusty Dagger, Rusty Longsword, Rusty Spear, Cursed Longsword, Cursed Spear, Bronze Dagger, Bronze Helmet, Bronze Longsword, Thorn Anklet, Tome of Amulets, Medal of Lancelot, Arthur’s Legend 1


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Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Deep Woods" Yutaka Minobe 5:54

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