Deathcalibur (デスカリバー Desukaribā?) is the primary weapon of King Arthur in Sonic and the Black Knight. It can fire magical energy bolts, transport King Arthur and summon creatures from the Underworld. In many aspects, it can be considered the polar opposite of Caliburn/Excalibur.


Deathcalibur is metallic burnt orange down the middle, with purple around the metallic burnt orange, and finally the edge of the blade was black and had six bumps on each side.


When King Arthur became corrupted from being bewitched by the scabbard of Excalibur, his sacred sword, Excalibur, was transformed by the king's evil into Deathcalibur.[1] However, it was not the end of Excalibur as it presumably split into Arondight, Galatine, Laevatein and Caliburn following its transformation. Regardless, Deathcalibur still maintained its physical presence despite the split, but was as much of an illusion as King Arthur himself. After obtaining Deathcalibur, King Arthur used it for things such as summoning the Knights of the Underworld and combat.

Deathcalibur disappeared along with King Arthur when Sonic killed the king. A couple of copies were used by the Dark Queen when fighting Excalibur Sonic, but they were also destroyed.


  • The only time Deathcalibur's name is stated in Sonic and the Black Knight is during the battle with King Arthur at Faraway Avalon when King Arthur says "You blue pest! Roar, Deathcalibur!"


  1. "The legendary king and ruler of Camelot, King Arthur has been corrupted by mysterious forces and now rules as a tyrant over the tainted land. His enchanted sword has been transformed by this evil, becoming Deathcalibur. With his army of minions, he appears unstoppable until a certain blue hedgehog arrives." - Sonic and the Black Knight website.
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