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Death Yard Zone

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Quotation1.svg Death Yard is a dry, deserted wasteland filled with razor-sharp spike beds, corkscrews, gaping pits and boost hoops that much be navigated correctly to stay in the game. These tracks have so many dips, twists, turns and loops that dizzy doesn't even begin to describe what your racer will be feeling when he reaches the finish line. Quotation2.svg
Sonic Rivals Instruction Manual

Death Yard Zone is the fifth Zone in Sonic Rivals. This Stage is a highly polluted industrial construction area, located on Onyx Island, a future version of Angel Island brought to Sonic's time by Dr. Eggman Nega.


The Death Yard Zone is depicted as a vast, sprawling industrial area with many manufacturing and construction complexes. They are placed in a desolate wasteland without any sign of plant life and with an orange sunset in the background. The course through it also features junkyard-like areas filled with towers of rusting iron oxide cubes, active fans, giant conveyor belts, rusty cogwheels clank and broken pipes twisting through the area.

While they are active, the industrial constructions are in very bad shape, and resembles mostly dystopic ruins. All the constructions are either covered with rust or falling apart, lakes of electric-blue sludge flows over with the runoff from the manufacturing complexes and much pollution are lead into the air, which is filled with brown smog and purple fumes.

As a level filled with machinery, fans and other variations, the level possesses ziplines to ride on, wrecking balls in which to swing in, flame torches and oil spills which can either hinder or advance someone's progress.


Sonic and Knuckles

After defeating "Dr. Eggman's" (Eggman Nega in disguise) Egg Lynx, Sonic reclaims the card containing Tails and frees him. Tails thanks Sonic for saving him, but he fears that "Dr. Eggman" still have some tricks left. Sonic remains unconcerned however and assures him that he would not get away with this. Meanwhile, Knuckles ponders about what "Dr. Eggman" said about Onyx Island being Angel Island in the future and what it has to do with the disappearance of the Master Emerald. The two eventually run into each other, and they decide to race to "Dr. Eggman".

As Sonic reaches "Dr. Eggman", the doctor unleashes an upgraded Metal Sonic against him. Sonic is not shaken, however, and remains as confident as ever, since "A copy is still just a copy!" and faces his robotic double.

When Knuckles find "Dr. Eggman", he demands an answer to everything that he had told him. The doctor reveals that since the Master Emerald exists across the time-space continuum, by taking a picture of it with his camera in the future, it would disappear in all time periods, and he then used its card to transport Onyx Island to Sonic's time. With all of his questions answered, Knuckles engages in a race against an upgraded Metal Sonic.

Shadow and Silver

Having just defeated the Egg Lynx, Shadow ponders about how "Dr. Eggman" could show him a card containing himself. He then finds Silver and demands to tell him why he chases "Dr. Eggman" and why he has a card of himself. Silver however, tells him that the Dr. Eggman he had been chasing may be an impostor, as he believes it Eggman Nega. The doctor however, appears to taunt them and the hedgehogs races each to get some answers to their questions.

When Shadow catches the doctor, he tells him to reveal his true identity. Seeing his cover has been blown, "Dr. Eggman" reveals himself to be Eggman Nega, Dr. Eggman's descendant, and attacks Shadow with an upgraded Metal Sonic.

As Silver reaches "Dr. Eggman", he reveals that he has figured out that he is really Eggman Nega and that he has come to stop him from abusing the camera's power and bring him back to the future. Eggman Nega however, does not intent to surrender and unleashes an upgraded Metal Sonic.



Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Death Yard Act 1 Chris Renzanson 0:50
Death Yard Act 2 Chris Renzanson 0:48




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