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Commander! COM Sector B3 are reporting that the Black Aliens have successfully been driven out of Westopolis. We've contained them in the forest and they are completely cut off from the rest of their support. We think Shadow escaped into the forest with the Black Aliens.

GUN Soldier, Shadow the Hedgehog

Death Ruins is one of the fourth Stages in Shadow the Hedgehog. It can only be reached by completing the Hero mission of Circus Park.



After helping Tails pilfer Dr. Eggman's ill-gotten Rings, Shadow follows the Black Arms into the forest, where they are cut off from their reinforcements. Despite all the assistance Shadow has given G.U.N. in this and previous levels to reach the Pure Hero path, the Commander remains unswervingly convinced of the hedgehog's evil intent, and instructs his soldiers to use all tactical weapons in hunting him down.

On arriving in the heavily terraformed Death Ruins, Shadow runs into Rouge, who is putting her secret agent duties on hold to join the regular G.U.N. army in fighting the aliens. The Black Arms appear to be on the run, but Doom's Eye tells a different story: their retreat is simply a tactical withdrawal off the surface now that the Arms' planet-side objectives are complete. The alien leader commands Shadow to simply join his troops in evading the human counter-offensive. The player then chooses to either escape with Doom's Eye or help Rouge eliminate the Black Arms.

Regardless of which path Shadow takes, Doom makes his first hints at his final plans for humanity at the end of the stage, and the associated "prosperity ritual," at the end of the stage. He then releases the Black Bull upon Shadow.



The following weapons can be found in Death Ruins:

Secret Key locations

  1. Use the pulley after the first Save Point to reach the spring, then bounce over to the grass. When the extending grass stretches over the platform with the Key, hop off to grab it.
  2. Grind along the vine after the third Save Point then jump down to the first ledge on the right. From there drop down to the left of the spring to a platform with a spring leading to a second vine and jump off the vine before the speed ring to land on a ledge with the Key.
  3. After the fifth Save Point, there will be red slime and a spring. Destroy the wall to the right of the spring to get the Key.
  4. In the Triangle Jumping section after the sixth Save Point, stand on the sand bags and Triangle Jump towards the Key.
  5. In the area with five Black Arms soldiers, destroy one of the walls in the back to the right or left and get the Key on the platform in the back.

Behind this Stage's Secret Door is a room with Grind Rails. Grinding along said rails enables Shadow to get Rings and other items. Once the player reaches the end of the path, there is a Warp Hole that teleports them back to the Secret Door.


Story Mode

Dark mission

Guide Mission Objective
Shadow the Hedgehog - Dark Mission - Doom's Eye.png Escape from the forest! Reach the Goal Ring.

Although it will affect the final Score, defeating Black Arms will fill the Hero gauge allowing for Chaos Control to be used. Also, use the Triangle Jump whenever possible.

Rank Score[1]
A Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png ≥ 35,000
B Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 32,000
C Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 25,000
D Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 10,000
E Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png < 10,000

Hero mission

Guide Mission Objective
Shadow the Hedgehog - Hero Mission - Rouge.png Drive off the black aliens! Kill the 50 Black Arms in Death Ruins.

By each Save Point, the player should have defeated the following amounts of Black Arms:

  • Save Point #2: 6
  • Save Point #3: 10
  • Save Point #4: 19
  • Save Point #5: 36

Rouge will occasionally alert the player when there are Black Arms off the main path.

Rank Score[1]
A Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png ≥ 32,000
B Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 29,000
C Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 23,000
D Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 10,000
E Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png < 10,000

Expert Mode

Death Ruins is altered a bit in Expert Mode. The player can accelerate through the stage by shooting some enemies and filling their Hero Gauge, so that they can use Chaos Control to reach the area with the pole to slide down to reach the final part of the stage faster.


Main article: Black Bull

The Black Bull.

The boss of Death Ruins is the Black Bull, a Black Arms creature. The guide for this battle is Rouge.

The Black Bull's weak spot is the eye. Kill a Black Arms soldier to take its gun, then jump on a spring up to the rail. Shooting at Black Bull will fill up the Hero gauge quickly, allowing the player to slow time with Chaos Control.


  • Part of this Stage's music can be heard in one of the Blur Studio's CG scene trailers for Shadow the Hedgehog.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Death Ruins" Jun Senoue 2:23



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