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I can't wait to see how long you last against this.

— A Zavok Phantom Copy, Sonic Forces

The Death Queen[1] is a character that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a queen bee-based battlemech created by Dr. Eggman that is used by the Eggman Empire.


The Death Queen is a colossal bee-based robot that bears a striking resemblance to the Buzz Bomber. It has a black head with four red eyes, a small mouth, a pair of orange spikes on its forehead for horns, and a white collar around its neck. It also has an orange thorax with six orange and black legs with red claws, an orange and black-striped abdomen with four engines attached to it, and a massive black stinger. On its back it has two pairs of yellow insect wings.


Sonic Forces

When Sonic the Hedgehog broke out of his cell onboard the Death Egg, a Zavok Phantom Copy used the Death Queen to combat the blue hedgehog. After a tense battle, the Zavok Phantom Copy was defeated when Sonic knocked him off the Death Queen. It is unknown where it went after this.

Powers and abilities

The Death Queen is capable of flight using its wings and engines. It also possesses a stinger which is sharp enough to pierce metal and can be surrounded in energy to amplify its attack range. It can also fire lasers from each of its six legs.


  • The Death Queen is referred to as "Queen Beeton" in the internal files of Sonic Forces, possibly indicating the boss is intended to be a variant of the Buzz Bomber enemies as "Beeton" is the Japanese name for Buzz Bomber.




  1. Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - A Hero Will Rise, Disc 1, Track 16 - "Battle with Death Queen"

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