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Death Egg 2

The Death Egg Mark 2.

The Death Egg Mark 2 is a vessel that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-off comics. It first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog #224. It is a new version of the Death Egg and served as one of Dr. Eggman's main headquarters in both the Pre-and Post Super Genesis Wave timeline.


Essentially, the Mark 2 is a more powerful version of the original Death Egg, powered by a Chaos Emerald and Power Rings, which was secretly constructed inside the Eggdome when Doctor Eggman and Snively escaped New Mobotropolis. (StH: #211)

Later on, during a fight between Sonic the Hedgehog and Ixis Naugus, The Mark 2 was launched into the sky. The Freedom Fighters began an assault on it, where Sonic and Sally Acorn managed to sneak inside, as not even an Egg Mite nearby detected them. When the two headed for Eggman, they were halted by an upgraded Silver Sonic, which managed to distract Sonic so he could fight the machine. While Sally headed off into Eggman's direction, a sentry gun appeared through the wall and killed her, while Eggman began to reset time and space, leading to the events of "GENESIS". (StH: #224, #225)

In the events of GENESIS, when Sonic managed to reach the Doctor's battleship, the scientist revealed he was resetting time and space fully by the power of the Death Egg, leading Sonic to remember what had happened before time was reset in the present. By using power of the Death Egg (energy emitted from the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, defeated Eggman's mech, and used Chaos Control to reset time, 10 seconds before the resetter was fired. (StH: #226, #227, #228, #229)

After time was reverted to the present, Sonic managed to rescue Sally, and the two headed off towards Eggman, in which the resetter could not function again. Once both confronted the doctor, he revealed that he had a backup plan; to fire the World Roboticizer. Sending out a new Metal Sonic, and Silver Sonic III smashing through the wall, the two robots proceeded to battle the hedgehog. Meanwhile, Sally and her handheld NICOLE sneaked into a part of the Roboticizers wiring, where Sally chose to sacrifice herself in order to reverse the effects of the Roboticizer and save Mobius. Upon doing so, the Chaos Emerald powering the Death Egg Mark 2 ran out of power and the Roboticizer exploded. In the rubble, Sonic emerged victorious over Eggman and his two mechs, Sonic holding a decapitated Metal Sonic's head. Just when Sonic started boasting over his defeat over Eggman once again, Mecha Sally emerged from the wreckage. Eggman had Sonic dropped into the sky, and sent out Tails Doll and Titan Metal Sonic to assault New Mobotropolis. Upon this, the Mark II proceeded to fly away, running on reserve power. (StH: #230, #231)

Soon after the trial of Geoffery St. John, Sonic and Rotor made Team Freedom and Team Fighters to stop the Death Egg 2, and protect New Mobotropolis. Soon Team Fighters helped save Furville, and then follow the Death Egg to Soumerca where one of Dr. Eggman's refuling stations is located. Tails managed to place a beacon on the Death Egg 2, allowing Team Fighters to locate it no matter where it is. The Death Egg 2 then dropped EggSWATs, Mecha Sally, and Silver Sonic v3.0 into Feral Forest, then went on to attack New Mobotropolis a 2nd time. 

Soon after the second attack on New Mobotropolis, the Death Egg 2 went on towards Albion, and sent down the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra inside Titan Metal Sonic's body. Team Fighters easily defeated it. Once it reached Albion, it dropped the Dark Egg Legion into Albion along with Metal Knuckles to cause the Albion Attack, and went on to it's arctic base to refuel. (StH #240, #241, #242, #243)


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