Quotation1.svg I'll take that engine, old fool! And I'm going to use it in my monster machine to crush Sonic! Hoohoohoo! Quotation2.svg
Dr. Eggman, Team Sonic Racing

The monster machine,[1] also referred to as the Death Egg, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a racecar/robot hybrid created by Dr. Eggman to crush Sonic the Hedgehog and powered by the Ultimate Energy Engine.


The monster machine resembles a fusion of a Death Egg Robot sentinel and the Egg Booster vehicle, possessing the former's head and torso and the latter's undercarriage. Its Death Egg Robot sentinel part resemble a black egg with triangular markings on its chest (which are similar to those on Eggman's original jacket), red lines of light on its belly, and a gray dome-shaped head with a single red eye and a red field for a mouth. It also has the Death Egg Robot sentinel's black backpack and gray disk-shaped shoulders. Its Egg Booster parts on the other hand consist of four wheels that stick out from the monster machine's sides. These wheels have yellow shock absorbers, black tires, and cyan-glowing hubcaps. Also, between each set of front and back wheels is a gray box with yellow and black hazard stripes. Also, covering the top of each side of the monster machine, from the front wheel to the back wheel, is a narrow and black metal fender with cyan lights along the sides and cyan and red front lights. Lastly, the monster machine has two gray flaps on its back with an exhaust underneath each of them.


Team Sonic Racing

After Dr. Eggman stole the Ultimate Energy Engine from Dodon Pa, the doctor incorporated the engine into his monster machine, which he planned to crush Sonic with. The monster machine was subsequently pitted against Sonic and his allies in a race on the Thunder Deck with Metal Sonic and Zavok backing it up on the racetrack. However, despite its best efforts, the monster machine and its teammates lost to Sonic and his Speed Star. Angry, but not beaten, Eggman tried to launch another attack on Sonic with the monster machine. However, the monster machine had at that point gone crazy, causing it to head towards the Final Fortress's energy core. The monster machine was soon after destroyed, along with the Ultimate Energy Engine and the Final Fortress when it crashed.


The monster machine displays no sign of sentience or self awareness. However, given that it is able to competently race and cooperate with its teammates, it must possesses a limited artificial intelligence at least.

Powers and abilities

Due to its design, the monster machine possesses all the abilities and powers of a racecar, including outstanding acceleration, enhanced reflexes, top racing speed, and nearly limitless stamina.

After receiving the Ultimate Energy Engine, which is the fastest and most powerful engine in the universe, the monster machine received a power boost great enough to make it one of the fastest and most powerful race cars in the universe.





The monster machine's name on the result screen.

  • Though Dr. Eggman states that the robot's name is "monster machine", it is also referred to as "Death Egg" on the results screen.





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