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The Death Egg is the sixth and final World Map in Sonic Battle. Taking place onboard the infamous Death Egg, this location serves as the site of the climax for Sonic Battle. The Death Egg contains little bar three consecutive boss fights; Emerl vs. Dr. Eggman twice, and then Sonic vs. Emerl.

During the events of the game, Emerl arrived here to stop Dr. Eggman's usage of the Final Egg Blaster, only to run rampant due to Eggman's machinations, thus forcing Sonic to destroy Emerl for good.


The Death Egg is a simple area, taking place on the battleship's bridge. The floor is blue with circuit-like yellow panels and up front is the Death Egg's instrument board which consist of incomprehensible devices and computers of highly advanced technological design. On the walls are windows into outer space, which show the earth, which is being targeted by the Final Egg Blaster.


After Dr. Eggman had revealed his latest Death Egg high above Holy Summit and threatened to use his Final Egg Blaster, Emerl arrived onboard the orbital battlestation with the aid of Tails' warp transporter after he, Sonic and their allies came to the agreement that Emerl was the one to stop Eggman, seeing as he had a score to settle with the mad scientist who reactivated him in the first place.

Seeing that Emerl had evolved into a free spirit thanks to Sonic and his allies' care, Eggman decides to challenge the Gizoid personally with his Egg Mobile. After two hard-fought battles, Eggman seemingly surrenders and begs to be spared and be forgiven. Having no intention of taking Eggman's life, the noble Emerl prepares to make his exit. Just as Emerl turns to leave, however, Eggman fires the Final Egg Blaster. Entire stars explode under the force of the blast, and seeing this display of power, Emerl loses control to his carnal programming and begins absorbing data from the cannon. Sonic and co. can do naught but watch in horror at Emerl's unexpected transformation.

Eggman triumphantly explains that the Gizoid is programmed to create a new Link if it encounters anyone with overwhelming power, which Eggman has just displayed. Power such that even the legendary Gizoid becomes overloaded with the new data, and Emerl cries out in pain. Eggman's glee is stifled, however, when it becomes apparent that Emerl will not establish a Link with him: on the contrary, Emerl plans to aim the Final Egg Blaster at earth and destroy the planet. The cannon is set with one minute to discharge. This is something not even Eggman wants - how is one to rule over a world that does not exist? The doctor, however, is walloped aside by the rampaging Emerl.

Wielding the Master Emerald in an effort to counteract Emerl's seven absorbed Chaos Emeralds in hopes of restoring Emerl to his senses, Sonic is sent up the Death Egg via Tails' warp teleporter. Upon his arrival however, the Master Emerald is shattered to pieces, leaving Sonic to face a highly irritable Gizoid with only thirty seconds left until the Final Egg Blaster blows up the earth. Back on the planet, Tails explains to Sonic that Emerl has absorbed energy beyond what he was designed to handle, and is extremely unstable. If Sonic can damage Emerl enough, he might be able to stop him. Unfortunately, Emerl would not likely survive the battle in such a state. Chuckling at Emerl's ability to cause trouble to the very end, Sonic engaged the Gizoid in a final battle.

After being beaten into submission, Emerl slowly regains consciousness, and Sonic is ready to head back down to earth. Knowing that this is his end though, Emerl thanks Sonic for everything. Going into denial, Sonic commands Emerl to stop acting serious and desperately makes plans for what they will do when they get back. Despite Sonic's histrionics, however, Emerl has spoken his last word and disappears into thin air, leaving behind only his Emerald Shards.


Unnamed arena

The Death Egg's only arena.

The unnamed arena onboard the Death Egg is the only arena on the Death Egg. This arena is the by far the largest; a vast square surface with no obstacles on it. The battles fought here can be considered the hardest in Sonic Battle by a considerable margin.

Here, Emerl first fights Eggman in his Egg Mobile over the course of two rounds; this is the only time in Sonic Battle that Eggman can be fought personally. Due to the Egg Mobile's tendency to fire barrages of missiles everywhere, it is nearly impossible to get close to Eggman and deal damage, let alone deliver a KO. Since the arena is so vast and Eggman does not pursue the player back and forth however, the player can easily make successful retreats and heal up nicely when things get too hot.

After defeating Eggman, the player takes control of Sonic, who will be confronting "Ultimate" Emerl. Unlike the Emerl the player previously controlled however, this Emerl is equipped with all of his ultimate skills. As such, many of Emerl's attacks can do considerable damage or just blow Sonic away before he can reach the Gizoid.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A Tatsuyuki Maeda and/or Kenichi Tokoi and/or Hideaki Kobayashi 2:26

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