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We can't let that thing get to the Chemical Plant. Keep it busy there as long as you can, rookie!

Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic Forces

The Death Crab (デスクラブ Desukurabu?)[1] is a character that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a crab-based, eight-legged battlemech created by Dr. Eggman that serves the Eggman Empire.


The Death Crab is a crab-based robot at the size of a building. It possesses a round, disk-shaped body with a massive and dark gray spiked shell on top and a pale gray underbelly. Up front on its body it has several red, featureless eyes, a small flat nose, and a pair of relatively small, dark gray claws. It also has eight massively large and long crustacean-based legs made of dark gray metal with spiked lower sections and flat feet. Several of its joints are also lit up by red lights.


In Sonic Forces, when the Avatar makes their way through the Eggman Empire's operations at Guardian Rock, the Death Crab will make its appearance. At various points throughout the stage, the Death Crab can occasionally be seen crawling through the stage in the background. At the same time, while the Avatar progresses through the stage, the Death Crab's legs will appear in the foreground and periodically stomp the ground below them. If the Avatar is caught onder the Death Crab's feet when it stomps, the Avatar is instantly crushed.

Near the end of the stage, the Death Crab will appear to start chasing the Avatar down. During this section, the perspective changes and the player is stuck running forward towards the screen while the Death Crab chases after them from behind. The player is unable to attack the Death Crab however, while it is able to fling rocks at the player, each of which can inflict damage should they hit. To win this battle, the player must avoid the rock blocks thrown with the Quick Step until a Real-Time Interaction appears. Executing it successfully will allow the Avatar to defeat the Death Crab by tying up its legs with their grappling hook and making it trip while the Avatar escapes. Noticeably, the better the player times the Real-Time Interaction by initiating it when the green rings that appear overlap, the greater the point bonus the player will receive.


The Death Crab is a highly destructive, yet determined machine who cares little about collateral damage or obstacles. Like an actual crab, it also walks sideways.

Powers and abilities

The Death Crab is an exceptionally powerful robot; when its power was measured, its energy readings were stated to be off the charts.[2] As its size would imply, its possesses incredible strength, enough to cause tremors by stomping and smash through mountainsides without slowing down. It is also surprisingly fast, easy keeping up with the Avatar, and can leap several hundreds of meters straight up into the air.

In other media

IDW Publishing

Main article: Death Crab (IDW)

The Death Crab, from Sonic the Hedgehog #2.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, the Death Crab is a Super Badnik in service to the Eggman Empire. Its past is virtually identical to its game counterpart's, up until after the events of Sonic Forces. One attacked Riverside, but was destroyed by Sonic and Amy.



Concept artwork




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