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All six members of the Deadly Six are fought in a boss rush as penultimate bosses in Sonic Lost World, taking place in Lava Mountain Zones 1 and 3.

Zone 1

Zazz, Zomom and Master Zik are fought in Zone 1. The battles take place on a planetoid where it is constantly being bombarded by meteors with large lava rocks rolling around on it. While fighting, the player has to watch out for meteors and lava rocks while dodging their attacks.


Gonna beat you like a drum!

Zazz, before the fight

Zazz fighting Sonic.

The player fights Zazz as the first boss of the three. When fighting him, Zazz's strategy consists of firing off several volleys of two energy balls that travel outward in a "V" shape, and then running away while leaving a trail of energy tacks behind. During the fight, Zazz can at any time be attacked by the player. Hit him enough times and Zazz will be defeated.


Blue, my favorite flavor!

Zomom, before the fight

Zomom fighting Sonic.

After Zazz is defeated, Zomom will appear. He can spin around rapidly, shooting multiple energy projectiles in the process. He can also burrow underground and follow the player. If the player can lure Zomom towards a lava pit, he will resurface immediately, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Upon resurfacing, he can fire even more energy blasts. As long as he is above ground, he can be attacked. Hitting him enough times will defeat him.

Master Zik

This time, I will hold nothing back!

Master Zik, before the fight

Master Zik fighting Sonic.

After Zomom is defeated, Master Zik will appear to fight. Before he appears, the planetoid will break apart, exposing lava that the player must avoid going into. Zik will run along the pathway, shooting out large balls of energy that can be avoided through double jumping. It is best to target Zik after he has shot the energy balls. Defeating him will complete Zone 1.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Boss Rushes" Tomoya Ohtani 2:13

Zone 3

Zeena, Zor and Zavok are fought in three vertical segments of Zone 3.


What, no flowers?

Zeena, before the fight

Zeena fighting Sonic.

Zeena is fought at the end of the first vertical-scrolling 2D tower section in Lava Mountain Zone 3. Her boss battle arena consists of a seesaw-like platform in the center of a pool of lava with a row of spikes along the ceiling.

Zeena's strategy in this battle consists of jumping about and pounding down on one side of the seesaw, raising the other side up. If Sonic is standing on the seesaw when this happens, he'll be catapulted up to the spikes above, causing the player damage. The player can avoid this by jumping before Zeena impacts.

After stomping, Zeena remains stationary for a moment where she is vulnerable to the player's attacks. She can be damaged by locking on to her and using the Homing Attack. After dealing six hits to her, Zeena will be defeated and the player can procceed to the next section of the Zone.


Do you realize how meaningless we all are? Well, mostly you.

Zor, before the fight

Zor fighting Sonic.

Zor is encountered towards the end of the second tower in Lava Mountain Zone 3. The player will encounter him while climbing up a vertical shaft of elevator platforms. While climbing through this shaft, Zor will begin firing off various energy projectiles at the player, including one that will slowly, yet accurately, home in on the player, and will jump from platform to platform in an attempt to ram into the player.

In this boss battle, the player cannot attack Zor as he cannot be locked on to, and jumping into him will only cause damage to the player. Instead, the player has to try to avoid him and climb up the tower by jumping from platform to platform. When the player reaches the top, the lava will quickly rise up from below, making a pit of molten lava underneath the player that will cause the player to lose a life should the player fall into it. To beat Zor, the player needs to survive climbing up the elevator shaft and then pull one of the hanging switches on either side of the top of the tower to cause the elevator, along with Zor, to collapse into the lava below. Afterwards, the player can move on ahead to the final part of the Zone.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Boss Rushes (Guitar ver.)" Tomoya Ohtani 2:15


Let's put an end to this!

Zavok, before Phase 1 of his fight

Zavok fighting Sonic.

The final fight with Zavok takes place at the end of the final 2D tower section in Lava Mountain Zone 3. During this battle, Zavok will jump around and attempt to stomp down on the player, and as well as shoot off giant, slow-moving fireballs from his palm at the player. Above the battle field, there is suspended a row of red block-shaped explosive crates that Zavok will jump up on and begin stomping on, which will then cause them to be knocked down and explode upon contact with the ground.

To defeat Zavok at this point, the player has to lure Zavok off the blocks overhead. He will always stomp down on where Sonic is, so it is recommended to lure him to a hole where he has already stomped down a block. After landing on the ground Zavok will remian idle a few moments afterward, allowing the player to attack with the Homing Attack.

Zavok fighting Sonic at his full strength.

After being struck enough times with the Homing Attack, Zavok will jump into the pit below the battlefield and grows to a giant size, leading into the boss fight with Giant Zavok.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Battle With Zavok" Tomoya Ohtani 4:54

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