Quotation1 We underestimated the doctor the first time. This time we are prepared. We will punish him for our humiliation. We will destroy Sonic for defeating us. And we will grind their world to dust in retribution. Quotation2
Zavok, Sonic the Hedgehog #22

The Deadly Six is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. They are a group of villainous Zeti that come from the Lost Hex.




The Deadly Six controlling the Badniks, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

In the recent past, the Deadly Six were enslaved by Dr. Eggman using an ancient relic to use them as his enforcers. Soon, after Sonic the Hedgehog had unwillingly freed the Zeti by kicking the relic out of Eggman's hand, the Deadly Six rebelled against him and took control of his Badniks using their electromagnetic powers. Despite this, they were soon defeated by Sonic.[1][2] Following their defeat, the Deadly Six took over one of Eggman's bases he left in Lava Mountain Zone and remade it in their image, calling it Zeti Castle.[3]

The Last Minute

One day at Zeti Castle, Zor reported to Zavok how the Eggnet was in chaos due to Dr. Eggman's doings on the world down below. The two were soon visited by a person named Dr. Starline. He introduced himself as an assistant to Eggman and requested that the Deadly Six help them with a current crisis that they were in. Starline let Zavok know that Eggman did not actually know he was on the Lost Hex but told him that working with the Eggman Empire once again would give the Deadly Six an opportunity to make amends with the doctor, command incredible power and destroy Sonic. Hearing all of this made Zavok accept Starline's proposal. After the doctor left however, Zavok confided in Zor how Starline made a mistake and that they would capitalize on it.[3] Zavok soon assembled the entire team to inform them of Starline's offer and how they would immediately betray him, though they all seemed to barely listen to him. Zeena initially showed dislike for the idea of going back to Eggman as it could very well be a trap. Zavok immediately snapped at this, saying that since they underestimated the doctor the first time, they were now well prepared. Zavok planned for them to punish Eggman for their humiliation, destroy Sonic for defeating them, and then destroy their world below.[4]

Some time later, Master Zik praised Zavok for his initiative on letting the Deadly Six bide their time to let their anger and hatred fester but warned that their vengeance against Sonic and Eggman must be exact. Soon, the duo were met by Starline, who told them that today's events cemented the fact that the team's help was needed. To prove that they could exert their will over machines, Zavok took control of a Moto Bug and has it drive around. Starline then told that after he made last minute preparations on his end, he would come back for the Deadly Six. After Starline left, Zik gloated as to how he was naïve and they would swiftly betray him. Zavok declared that they will use the Zombots to destroy Eggman, Sonic and the entire world below for merciless vengeance and absolute victory. Soon enough, the Deadly Six were brought onboard Eggman's Faceship via Starline's Warp Topaz.[5][6]

All or Nothing


The Deadly Six are brought onto the Faceship, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

Upon seeing the Deadly Six, Eggman immediately sent Metal Sonic to attack them. Zavok swiftly used his electromagnetism to control the robot and tauntingly reminded Eggman how they were able to control robots. Following this, Starline presented the Cacophonic Conch and blew into it to try and control the Zeti. Once Zazz saw that Starline had left an opening after using the conch, he headbutted him which allowed Zeena to take the conch and give it to Zavok. With Eggman and Starline defenseless, Zavok commanded Metal Sonic to attack them; however, Starline hurriedly opened a Warp Portal that transported him, Eggman and Metal Sonic away. Noting that they were now left with the Faceship, the means to create Eggman's Metal Virus, and the fabled Chaos Emeralds, Zavok decided to remove an Emerald and place it on his chest to empower himself with it. He was met with praise for his intuition by Orbot, who claimed that he and Cubot were too spineless to turn on the Deadly Six; after Zavok commanded that the robot take them to the largest known pockets of survivors, Orbot complied but not before telling them that he will log their orders to keep them well coordinated. With this, Zavok plotted out the Deadly Six's new plan; each of them would take one Chaos Emerald to be empowered by so that they can control thousands of Zombots around the world instead of random, shambling masses. He planed to bring utter devastation to the world that Eggman and Sonic had been fighting over for so long; once every living thing had been infected and neither party had anywhere else left to run, they would give them mercy of a slow end by the Zombots themselves. The Zeti set out into the world controlling many Zombot hordes, as well as terrorizing several uninfected citizens. While Zavok stayed in the Faceship, he stated to Master Zik that he was not resting on his laurels and would see to it that they infect everything from coast to coast by that night, and by tomorrow, the world.[7]

While engaging in their various activities, the Deadly Six (besides Zavok) were met by unwelcome company that wanted to take the Chaos Emeralds. Zeena was met by Cream the Rabbit in Sunset City, who demanded her Chaos Emerald; she instead took control of the robot that accompanied her, Gemerl. Zomom was greeted by Tails and Amy Rose who tried to trick him into thinking that Zavok needed his Chaos Emerald back; the Zeti refused to give it up and instead attacked them. While Zazz was riding on his Moon Mech around Riverside, he smelled an unfamiliar scent close to him. He reached out and grabbed Espio the Chameleon who was attempting to take his Chaos Emerald while invisible; Zazz instead dropped the chameleon to a be surrounded by a crowd of Zombots. In Orchardville, Zor was intercepted by Silver the Hedgehog who demanded the Chaos Emerald to save his ruined future; the Zeti instead broke out of his psychokinetic hold and engaged him battle, satisfied that what he was doing would bring about a future of ruin. In Winterburg, when Master Zik was busy ordering a horde of Zombots around the area, he was interrupted by the Babylon Rogues. He engaged them in battle, to the point where he took control of their own Extreme Gears and used it against them. Though Jet managed to take back control of his own board after knocking Master Zik off of it, Storm and Wave found themselves surrounded by many Zombots.[8]


Zor's Chaos Emerald is shot off by Whisper, from Sonic the Hedgehog #28.

In Vista View, Zomom struggled with Tails and Amy; after being angered with a lie from Tails, he commanded his Zombot horde to chase after the pair. Zomom chased them all the way to the village gate by burrowing underground. However, the Zeti was stopped in his tracks after Tails and Amy dropped the heavy gate on him. The duo then took his Emerald and left him at the mercy of the Zombots. In Sunset City, Cream managed to get through to Gemerl, who proceeded to damage his wireless receiver so that Zeena could no longer control him. Zeena still used him using her tether manipulation ability to fight Cream. When the Zeti nearly handed Cream over to Zombots, Gemerl intervened. Zeena attempted to use her tether ability on Gemerl again but the robot used it against her by entangling her in it, allowing Cream to take her Emerald. Following this, Gemerl threw Zeena to the Zombots and left her to struggle with them. In Orchardville, Zor fought Silver nearly to a standstill and was overjoyed with the information the hedgehog gave him of how the Deadly Six's actions would lead to a future of misery and ruin. Despite having the upper hand, Zor got hit by a laser blast from Whisper the Wolf out of nowhere and his Chaos Emerald is forcibly taken away from him. Silver proceeded to destroy his owl mech and fleed the scene with the Chaos Emerald; Zor was left alone surrounded by Zombots but was happy to meet his own demise.[9][10]

In Riverside, Zazz viciously attacked Espio with his Moon Mech while also trying to have Zombots surround him. Espio's swift movements and invisibility ability allowed him to evade the attacks quite easily. The chameleon then attacked Zazz while invisible and took the Chaos Emerald in the process, deeply angering him. In Winterburg, Jet furiously refused to bow down to Master Zik and is able to bring him down in a team effort with Storm and Wave, the latter managing to get the Chaos Emerald away from him. The eldery Zeti berated Jet, saying that he won based on luck. Eventually, after some interrogation on Orbot and Cubot, Zavok discovered the existence of Angel Island and had the Faceship fly there, while also controlling a large horde of Zombors, to deal with Eggman once and for all. However, upon reaching the island, it was forcibly depowered after Rouge the Bat stole the Chaos Emerald left in the ship's throne. Despite the ship crashing down into the ocean, Zavok bared little injuries and unleashed his power to grow in size and begin his attack on Angel Island with the use of Zombots. Eventually, Zavok was defeated by Super Sonic after Sonic had retrieved the Chaos Emerald on his chest.[10]

Out of the Blue


Zavok refuses to leave, from Sonic the Hedgehog #30.

A while later, Zavok tried attacking the cured civilians again, only to be stopped by Silver. In Riverside, Zazz was terrorizing the cured civilians, only to realize that he would soon become bored and would have nothing to do afterwards. This prompted the Zeti to leave the city on his Moon Mech. In Sunset City, Zeena aggressively has the citizens back away from her. Noting that Zavok's plan had failed and she could no longer control the innocents, Zeena left Sunset City but swore her revenge. In Orchardville, Zor hid from the suspecting villagers who were looking for him. He overpowered one of them but continued to hide, finding excitement in his predicament. In Vista View, Zomom freed himself from the town's gate and demanded that the villagers bring him waffles since the grooves in his stomach looked like one. In Winterburg, Master Zik retrieves his cane and calls the citizens fools for celebrating just because they thought the threat was over. He left the city to find Zavok and plan a counterattack while also regrettably admitting that the Babylon Rogues earned their victory. While the rest of the Deadly Six went into hiding to lay low, Zavok was imprisoned.[11][12]


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