Blaze the Cat or Sonic the Hedgehog is the boss of Dead Line depending on who the player is controlling in Sonic Rush. In this battle, Sonic and Blaze battle it out whilst Eggman Nega (Sonic) or Dr. Eggman (Blaze) look on in the background.

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During the battle, Blaze/Sonic can use the Axel Tornado/Spin Dash, Axel Jump/Spin Jump or by performing a Homing Attack-like ability. Each character also has their own unique abilities; Blaze can cause flames to erupt from the ground that will damage the player if collided into, and Sonic can create tornadoes that can suck in the player, causing damage.

Once Blaze/Sonic Health has been reduced to one, a short cutscene will play, which will differ in dialogue depending on the character used (Blaze's cutscene is considerably longer than Sonic's). Afterwards, Sonic and Blaze will summon all their power and ram into each other, the player must then repeatedly press WiiDSA.png and DSB.png to push forward, forcing the opponent off the edge of the platform, winning the fight. If the player is pushed off instead, the player (Sonic/Blaze) will fall off and lose a life, having to restart the fight from the beginning.


  • This is one of the two bosses in Sonic Rush (the other being the Egg Hammer Mega) where the player does not fight Eggman Nega directly.
    • Additionally, this is the only boss in which the player does not fight Dr. Eggman directly.
  • Sonic's tornado is similar to the Blue Tornado from Sonic Heroes.

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