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The De-Roboticizer[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a counterpart device to a Roboticizer in development by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Its function is to reverse the process of Roboticization and converting Worker Bots back into their original organic forms.



The De-Roboticizer is a cylinder shaped device that encases the user within a transparent glass case.

Features and abilities

As per its name, the De-Roboticizer can reverse the effects of the Roboticizer. As of yet, however, its effects are only temporary, meaning its recipients will return to robot form after some time.[1]


The De-Roboticizer was built by the Knothole Freedom Fighters through long, hard work, with them often studying and stealing Dr. Robotnik's technologies in order to do so.[1]

Eventually managing to get it working, the De-Roboticizer was first used on Bunnie Rabbot, whereupon she regained her organic limbs. Seeing that it was a success, Sonic went and got Uncle Chuck into the De-Roboticizer and reverted him back to normal too. However, the De-Roboticizer's effects soon proved to be temporary, causing Bunnie and Chuck to revert back to their robotic forms after a while.[2]

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