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The results of the Day of Disaster.

The Day of Disaster[1] (災厄の日 Saiyaku no hi?) is an event mentioned in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It refers to the day Iblis was freed from within Princess Elise and devastated the entire world.


Ten years ago, a seven-year-old Princess Elise had Iblis, the Flames of Disaster, sealed within her via a Chaos Emerald by her father after the Solaris Project accidentally split the namesake deity into Iblis and Mephiles. With his dying words, the Duke of Soleanna instructed Elise to never cry, as doing so would release Iblis into the world, plunging it into destruction.[2]

A newspaper on Elise's death.

Ten years later, the Day of Disaster was sent into motion when Dr. Eggman conducted a series of kidnappings of Elise to get a hold of Iblis. The Day of Disaster itself took place two days after the Festival of the Sun when Elise died while aboard the Egg Carrier when it crashed from malfunctioning engines, releasing Iblis into the world.[3] Now free, Iblis was able to ravage world with his flames, creating the world of burning ruins and unstable crusts that Silver would be born into.

Approximately two hundred years after the Day of Disaster, Mephiles the Dark tricked the peace-seeking Silver into thinking that Sonic the Hedgehog was responsible for the Day of Disaster for a plot to ensure Iblis' release.[4][2] Silver thus sought to retroactively prevent the Day of Disaster from occurring by killing Sonic in the past. In the end though, he and Sonic worked together to prevent the Day of Disaster by sending Sonic back in time to save Elise before she died.

After the paradox created by Sonic and Elise, history was rewritten so that Iblis was never split from Solaris, thereby eliminating the Day of Disaster from existence.


The Day of Disaster in Elise's visions.

  • During the opening sequence of Sonic's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Princess Elise had a vision that showed her the Day of Disaster with Iblis being released.
  • The name of this event may derive from Iblis’ own alias, “The Flames of Disaster”.


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