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Dash Vegas is a track that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It is unlocked in Tier 7, or upon reaching 3000 Trophies.


Dash Vegas is a hard-difficulty track based in Mystic Jungle. It contains massive six-lane half-pipes, Grind Rails, and Triple Dash Pads.


In Dash Vegas, the playable characters are stuck running down the level's road and can only move left and right between the road's lanes (akin to the Quick Step). While running, the player can pick up powerups from Item Boxes and utilize the gimmicks native to this track.

Dash Vegas has many environmental obstacles which the player can either jump over, roll under or move around. Running into one of these obstacles will result in the player taking damage and lose some of their Rings. Falling into bottomless pits on the other hand forces the player to restart from an earlier point on the track.


The racers begin on a stretch of land filled with obstacles, where they will continue through the track. There are many obstacles that cover all six lanes, including some that can only be ducked under, as well as Dash Pads and Triple Dash Pads. The track continues through alternating sets of land and Grind Rails, eventually leading up to a final set of Triple Dash Pads before the finish line.

Unlike the other Mystic Jungle tracks, Dash Vegas has six lanes on every part of the track outside of the final stretch.


  • The name of this stage is a pun on the real world city Las Vegas.
  • Along with the other Mystic Jungle tracks, Dash Vegas is one of the stages to have different music that plays during a race.


Name Artist Length Music Track
"Luminous Forest" Tomoya Ohtani 3:14

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