The Dash Meter is a game mechanic that appears in Sonic Dash. It is an energy gauge used for the Dash Boost.


Dash Meter alternative

The original Dash Bar on mobiles.

Generally, the Dash Meter is a blue gauge with a green energy bar and a gray button on it dubbed the "Dash Button". The Dash Bar itself is aligned horizontal on the bottom of the screen, where it has "DASH METER" written on it and an arrow-shaped Dash Button on the right end.

On the original mobile version of Sonic Dash, the Dash Bar had a slightly different design. Back then, it was aligned vertically in the lower right corner of the screen and had a projectile-shaped Dash Button on the bottom.


In gameplay, the Dash Meter can be filled by collecting Rings. Once full, the screen will says "Dash Ready" while the Dash Meter turns yellow and the Dash Button turns blue (on mobiles, the Dash Button would originally turn yellow and no "Dash Ready" would appear on the screen). The player can then press the Dash Button to initiate the Dash Boost. The Dash Meter steadily empties while Dash is used, and once it runs out, the move ends. The recharging rate of the Dash Meter with Rings can be increased by leveling up this aspect in the store. The Dash Meter can also be refilled immediately by collecting Power Pellets with either PAC-MAN or Ms. PAC-MAN.

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