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For this move's counterpart in the Sonic Boom continuity, see Dash (Sonic Boom).

The Dash Boost is a move that appears in Sonic Dash. When performing this technique, the user dashes forward as an unstoppable projectile.


When performing the Dash Boost, the user envelops themselves in an aura and blasts forward at high speed. The move's aura varies between users. Additionally, the users' means of dashing varies as well; some characters like Sonic simply run, some characters like Tails fly, other characters like Shadow and Omega propel themselves forward with their Air Shoes and twin jets respectively, and Jet rides his Type-J Extreme Gear.

While performing it, the user automatically crosses bottomless pits, destroys all obstacles and enemies in their path, and attract nearby Rings but the player cannot jump manually. In addition, the score multiplier doubles while the move is active. The Dash Meter steadily empties while the Dash Boost is used, and once it runs out, the move ends. When the move ends, any nearby enemies and obstacles are removed to prevent the player from immediately plowing into them and lose. To use the Dash Boost in gameplay, the player must fill the Dash Meter by collecting Rings and then press the meter's Dash Button (in the Windows PC version, the Dash Boost can also be initiated by left-clicking on the boost or pressing the spacebar key). Once initiated, the move cannot be stopped by any means. It should be noted though that the Dash Boost cannot be used during boss battles, and the Dash Boost will immediately end if the player uses a spring that launches them to a boss encounter.

There are upgrades in Sonic Dash that lets the player enhance the Dash Boost's duration for their character.

When PAC-MAN or Ms. PAC-MAN collect Power Pellets scattered on the track, their Dash Meter will automatically be refilled and they can use the Dash Boost again.


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