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For the move's counterpart in Sonic Dash, see Dash Boost.

The Dash is a move that appears in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. When performing this technique, the user dashes forward as an unstoppable projectile.


When performing Dash, the user envelops themselves in an aura and blasts forward at high speed, plowing through and across any obstacles. The move's aura varies between users (Sonic's is blue, Tails' is yellow, Amy's is pink, Sticks' is green, and Knuckles' and Shadow's is red). Additionally, the users' method of dashing may vary: while Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Sticks just run, Amy swings her hammer around while running and Shadow propels himself forward with his shoes.

To use Dash in gameplay, the player must fill the Dash Bar by collecting Orbs (the screen says "Dash Ready" when the bar is full) and then tap screen twice. Once initiated, the move cannot be stopped by any means. While performing it, the user automatically crosses bottomless pits and destroys all obstacles and enemies in their path, but the player cannot jump manually and all incoming Orbs are converted into Rings. In addition, the score multiplier doubles while the move is active. The Dash Bar steadily depletes while Dash is used, and once it runs out, the move ends, upon where all obstacles ahead of the player will be cleared out. The users' auras are also lessen as the Dash Bar is depleted until they vanish completely when the Dash Bar empties. It should be noted though that the Dash cannot be used during boss battles.

Sprites like Serge and Legs respectively help charging the Dash Bar faster and extending the Dash's duration. There also characters with Special Powers that activate during the Dash, including Sonic's Dash Magnet and Amy's Ring Hammer.

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