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Dark Valley is a course that appears in Sonic Drift 2. It is a narrow racing track spanning across a black mountainous valley. It is the third course in the Purple Chaos GP, where it is called "Dark Valley 1", and the first course in the Blue Chaos GP, where it is called "Dark Valley 2".


Fitting with its name, the main setting of Dark Valley is that of a black valley in the middle of a deserted mountain ridge, which is cloaked in perpetual shadows from the mountains. Covering almost all of Dark Valley is a black abyss-like vale shrouded in darkness with jagged rocks on the bottom, while the sky is dark purple with purple clouds. In the background, there are also brown and rocky mountain peaks on the horizon.

The racetrack leading through Dark Valley is a narrow road raised high above the bottom of the vale in Dark Valley, which has vertical drops into the abyss on either side of the roadway. The road surface in Dark Valley is checkerboard patterned in different shades of brown, with grey and white striped edges in different shades. Additionally, outside the racetrack, there are white and grey rock pillars sticking up from the dark vale below.


In Dark Valley, the player's objective is to get the top position in the race. Moving outside the racetrack will cause the player to fall into the ever-present pit surrounding it. If the player falls, he/she is forced to wait for a giant metal crane to drop him/her back onto the racetrack, which can cost the player precious time.

On the racetracks in Dark Valley there are occasionally tall rocks blocking the racers' path. Colliding with these rocks will cause the racer to slow down, though grazing them will only slow down the racer slightly. Along the racetrack, there are also gaps in the road where the entire surface is gone, and the racer can only cross by using nearby Springs; failing to do so will result in the racer falling off the racetrack. As another hazard, Dark Valley features winds that will push the racer towards the edges of the racetracks, which can be countered by steering against them.


In Dark Valley, the player races on a racing track encompassing the entire map. The layout of the racing track in Dark Valley comes in two versions which depend on which circuit in the Chaos GP the player chooses. Additionally, each racing track is littered with different power-ups and objects that the player can utilize.

In Dark Valley 1, the racing track is a linear course where the player's objective is to reach the end of the racetrack, and in Dark Valley 2, the racing track is a circular course where the player has to complete three laps of the racetrack. The fastest racer to complete these races is rewarded with a Chaos Emerald.

Chaos GP
Map Power-ups and obstacles
Rings Dash Jump Mine Invincible Springs Flash Reverse
Purple DV1 14 0 0 0 2 6 1 0
Blue DV2 11 0 0 1 2 2 0 0


Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A Masayuki Nagao, Saori Kobayashi 0:48
Dark valley drift
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