Quotation1 I can spin dash on top of this slime, which will let me follow along its path. Quotation2
Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog

The Dark Spin Dash is a move used by Shadow the Hedgehog in Shadow the Hedgehog. When using this move, Shadow is able to utilize Red Slime to travel.


When performing the Dark Spin Dash, Shadow stands on top of a pool of Red Slime and starts Spin Dashing. By absorbing the liquid, Shadow is then absorbed into the pool of Red Slime and rolls through it at high speed before exiting from it from another end.[1][2]

In gameplay, the Dark Spin Dash is the only way for the player to utilize the paths of Red Slime in the Stages which allows the player to take shortcuts through the environment. To perform the Dark Spin Dash in gameplay, Shadow has to stand on top of a pool of Red Slime and the player has to press Gamecube X Button/PSObutton/XboxB.


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