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The Dark Presence is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is the reconstructed Dark Legion under Lien-Da's rule in the Light Mobius universe. It has two primary branches, the Dark Hands which act as the ground forces, and the Dark Eyes which are spies. It was formed shortly after King Shadow's takeover and was used by him to enforce his rule on the planet. After King Shadow was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog and Lara-Su, Lien-Da took total control over the organization, and used it to try to avenge the former king's defeat, along with another personal matter.


Mobius: 25 Years Later (Unaltered)

In the unaltered timeline when the Dark Presence was still known as the Dark Legion, the organization had been reduced to little more than a social group with Lien-Da serving as its Grandmaster.[1][2][3][4][5] After Rutan revealed to her that Rotor Walrus wished the Guardian of Angel Island and the king of the Acorn Kingdom to make an alliance to use the Tachyon Displacement Chamber and stop Mobius' destruction, she confronted Rotor and Cobor and had the former build a device that would allow her to remember the old timeline should some unexpected event occur.[6][7]

Work under King Shadow

After the former king, Sonic, used the Tachyon Displacement Chamber to fix time, historic events were changed so that Shadow ended up defeating Dr. Eggman and married Sally, making him king of Mobius. Among his acts as king were employing the Dark Legion under their new name of the "Dark Presence" as his enforcers. Among their acts were enforcing his will upon the planet, capturing both Cobar and Rotor Walrus so Shadow could torture information out of him, and informing King Shadow of Lara-Su's meeting with the old king of Mobius, which Shadow had Knuckles handle.[7][8]

Attempted assassination of King Sonic


The Dark Eyes, spies for the Dark Presence

After King Shadow's fall, Lien-Da was forced into hiding as a criminal, leaving her family behind. As part of her plans for revenge (for having to leave her son, Rutan), Lien-Da had the Dark Presence split up into three teams, Teams A, B, and D, (Team C was stuck in traffic) as decoys for Lara-Su so, while King Sonic gave a speech at the celebration of his five year rule, she could fire at the hedgehog with a rocket. Surprisingly, Silver the Hedgehog appeared and stopped the projectile with his psychokinesis, saving the royal family, making it a failed mission.[8]

Awakening of King Shadow

After this, they infiltrated Castle Mobius and locked all the staff in their rooms after hacking the castle's system, had their sleeper agent Misty-Re knock out Silver the Hedgehog, changed the defense system to target King Sonic and Lara-Su as enemies, and took the Prower couple prisoner. With no one to oppose them, the Dark Presence then released King Shadow from the pod he was being kept in.[9]

After he was awakened, Shadow questioned Lien-Da about what had happened in the past five years. As she explained, she told him what the Dark Presence had worked on and that he could go back to being king. Shadow denied becoming king again until the world was punished for its "inaction" by releasing Tikhaos. Lien-Da tried to stop him, but he ripped off her Spatial armband in front of two Dark Presence guards, and lost her place in the universe before Shadow freed Tikhaos. One of the guards warned Shadow of King Sonic retaking the castle before Shadow overpowered Tikhaos into Perfect Tikhaos. The two guards warned the rest of the Dark Presence to evacuate the island and that "King Shadow's going to destroy us all!" They soon fled Castle Mobius before it was destroyed by Perfect Tikhaos. The Dark Presence later renounced King Shadow, released the Prower couple (and possibly the rest of the staff), and helped with evacuation efforts.[10][11]


The Dark Presence use all sorts of military methods such as, assassination with bazookas, taking over a castle with gas guns and hacking.


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