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Dark Legion Civil War

Locke addressing the Dark Legion Civil War, from Sonic the Hedgehog #165.

The Dark Legion Civil War is an event that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It was a period of civil war as a result of a schism within the Dark Legion between the forces loyal to Lien-Da, which became the Flame Legion, and those who backed Remington, which became the Frost Legion. The schism happened as a result of Dr. Finitevus transforming the weak and amnesia-riddled Remington into a Dark Legionnaire similar to his father, after which Remington claimed the title of Grandmaster for himself. The Dark Legion civil war had the disastrous effect of diverting the legion's attention away from defending the surviving civilian echidnas from the Dingo Regime's forces. The civil war came to an abrupt end after Lien-Da and Remington combined their forces to defeat Enerjak, only to have all of their cybernetics removed. Some legionnaires chose to go with Remington and the other echidnas to Albion, which Lien-Da and those wanting their cybernetics back allied with the Eggman Empire, becoming the Dark Egg Legion.


Civil war

Shortly after Dr. Eggman's attack on Angel Island by having Hunter send as many echidnas as he could to the Egg Grape Chambers,[1][2] Dr. Finitevus began restoring a crippled Remington by placing him in his own care and implanting him with cybernetics reminiscent of his father, Kragok.[3][4] Finitevus then told Reminton of his heritage, and how he should be the Grandmaster of the Dark Legion. Remington then gained the allegiance of some of the Dark Legion's forces (particularly the Cryo Troopers) which became the Frost Legion, while the Furnace Troopers and others remained loyal to Lien-Da, becoming the Flame Legion. With the legion split in two factions, Lien-Da's efforts to protect the echidna civilians from the Dingo Regime became dismal, leaving them vulnerable to dingo attacks.[5][6]

Cease fire and Enerjak’s attack

Assault of the Legions

The Flame and Frost Legions unite in an effort to stop Enerjak, from Sonic the Hedgehog #181.

After warring for some time, Dr. Finitevus asked both Grandmasters to call for a cease fire, offering to give them access to the Master Emerald's power to defeat the Dingo Regime and Eggman Empire's forces. Having revealed to them that ninety-per cent of all echidnas were supposedly dead due to Dr. Eggman and the dingo's genocide, both Grandmasters agreed to the cease fire.[7][3]

While in the Chaos Chamber, Remington and Lien-Da were shocked when they discovered Finitevus's betrayal by allowing only Knuckles the Echidna to absorb the power of the Master Emerald, allowing him to become the new Enerjak.[3] The Flame and Frost Legions regrouped and prepared to attack the new Enerjak, but found themselves unable to harm the chaos-demigod. Enerjak then used his powers to remove all of the legionnaires' cybernetics and restore Remington's memories. Following this, those who were greatful to have their full bodies restored were transported to the remains of Albion by Enerjak, while those who detested being fully organic rallied behind Lien-Da.[8]


In an act of desperation to regain cybernetics for herself and her people, Lien-Da sought out an alliance with Dr. Eggman. Although Lien-Da believed that she was going to become Grandmaster, Eggman revealed that the position had been taken by Dimitri, who left Lien-Da with her old rank of Kommissar. The legion was renamed the "Dark Egg Legion" and served as the ground troops in New Megaopolis.[9][10]


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