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The Dark Garden is the third and last Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Its macabre aesthetics make it drastically different from the other Chao Gardens in the game.


The Dark Garden in Sonic Adventure 2.

It is a mountainous region that is made of gray rock, is filled with twisted trees, gravestones and red-colored water, and surrounded, in some parts, by a black fence. One of trees has a cage hanging on it, and small tufts of grass are found sparingly in the area. A small island lies on the other side of it containing a rock with the words "Dark Garden" on it. As Knuckles or Rouge, he/she does not find a pumpkin in the ground by digging to find them. Instead, he/she will find skulls that are a similar size compared to the pumpkins. Chao can wear these as hats.

In Battle, the Garden is notably smaller and lacking most of the notable features from the original, such as the hills and the cave.


  • Because this is the garden of the Dark Chao, fans believe this is the Chao version of Hell (there is, in fact, an achievement in the 2012 re-release version of Sonic Adventure 2 called "Heaven or Hell"). Some believe the red water is actually blood, but this hasn't been confirmed.
  • A character or Chao can be put in the cage, but they can walk right out of it.




Name Artist Length Music Track
Dark Chao Garden Fumie Kumatani 1:34

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