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Sonic Riders
Dark Desert

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Dark Desert (ダークデザート Dākudezāto?) is the last EX World Grand Prix racing track in the Babylon Story in Sonic Riders. Jet is the only playable character in the story mode. It is set in the same place as Sand Ruins, but during a total solar eclipse.


Storm finally returns from Dr. Eggman's base with a diary entry. In it, Eggman states that the treasure of Babylon Garden is not a gem, but ancient Babylonian technology. After hearing this, Jet wants to give up looking. But Wave convinces him that the treasure could be extremely valuable. With that, they head toward the stadium for the final race.


The course takes place during an eclipse and is another version of the original Hero Story version of the track, Sand Ruins. The course is much like Sand Ruins, but it's very different than its original version and is much harder. There is a small village connected to the colosseum this time, instead of just the colosseum. Some of the track is underground, lit by torches some of the way. There are about three grinding rails(one linking another, almost making it two grinding rails), so it is not so hard for a speed type character to find them. There is an odd machine before the village that seems like a gravity booster.


  • In the beginning of the race, when the eclipse starts, if you look at the sandy hills in the background, they disappear when the sky gets dark, instead of darkening.





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