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The Dark Chao Walker is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a very powerful battle mech created by Dr. Eggman for the mean Dark Chao so the small creatures could fight.[1][2] It is the dark counterpart of the Chao Walker.



Stylized after the Dark Chao, the Dark Chao Walker is a large mechanoid whose main body resembles the head of a Dark Chao, complete with a dark red coloration and a spiked ball floating at the top of it. However, instead of eyes, it has a windshield with the Dark Chao Walker's cockpit behind it, and a wide toothy Dark Chao grin right below it. It also has a Dark Chao arm on each side and Dark Chao feet for legs. Lastly, it has small Dark Chao wings on its back.

Features and abilities

The Dark Chao Walkers boasts superior firepower above all else. They are equipped with a Volkan Cannon (which are not very effective[1]), the Lock-On Missile and an Omochao-styled melee weapon. They are also equipped with different missile launchers, and can fire super-sized lasers. However, they move very slowly.[1]

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

The Dark Chao Walker made its first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. In this game, it appears as a playable character in the game's shooting stages in the multiplayer mode. On this upgraded port of Sonic Adventure 2, the Dark Chao Walker replaces Big the Cat, who appeared in Sonic Adventure 2's shooting stages in the multiplayer mode, in the game's roster. The Dark Chao Walker would later repeat its role in the 2012 re-release of Sonic Adventure 2.

In gameplay, the Dark Chao Walker is the opposite of the Chao Walker. Instead of having weak attack and defense, the Dark Chao Walker boasts the highest attack power and defense of all the playable characters in the shooting stages. As a result, it can launch high-powered and long-ranged attacks. In return, however, the Chao Walker is the slowest of all the playable characters in the shooting stages, and the firepower of its Volkan Cannon is not very effective.[1]

The Dark Chao Walker possesses the following special attacks in multiplayer mode:

Rings Special attack Effect
20 Crazy Rush Fire powered-up Homing Missiles heavily and rapidly. Fires an extra round of projectiles.
40 Hell Bomber Fires powerful rocke missiles upward for heavy bombing. Fires more projectiles than other characters.
60 Dark Finish Fires a super powerful and thick dark laser from the front end of the machine. Last roughly 50% longer than the Power Laser.

Sonic Runners

The Dark Chao Walker in Sonic Runners.

In Sonic Runners, the Dark Chao Walker appears as an equippable Buddy. In this game, it is a S Rare Fly Type Buddy which lets Buddies absorb Crystals for a limited time for every two hundred combo, and is awarded on the Premium Roulette.




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