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Team Sonic Racing
Dark Arsenal

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Dark Arsenal is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is based off the track of the same name from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.


Zavok in Dark Arsenal.

Dark Arsenal is located on a deck in the Final Fortress, a huge flying fortress created by Dr. Eggman. This track has the player riding inside the weapon factory area of the Final Fortress. It is a forbidding leviathan of steel, chock-full of bottomless drops, with numerous points on the track having enemy assembly lines in the way with robots on conveyer belts. Eggman's machinery can also be seen working in the background, such as two large generators and large missiles being loaded into their launchers. A mass-produced Death Egg Robot model, which is under construction, can also be seen in the center of the track.


A couple of blue Eggpawns can be found along this track, which can be destroyed with Wisp power-ups or Power-Type characters. If anyone else besides a Power-Type character collides with an Eggpawn, they will take damage and spin out temporarily. At different point along the track are also mechanical handles carrying Egg Hammers across the road. Should the player drive into these Egg Hammers, they will spin out and take damage, even if their playable character is a Power-Type.


Map of Dark Arsenal.

The player start out the race on a wide. sloping route. The competitors must then follow the narrower road on the right, before making a long left turn. Eventually though, the road will take a sharp turn to the right, and the player has to go uphill on a sloping, wide route. While climbing this hill, the player has to watch out for the handles carrying the Egg Hammers across the road. After reaching the top of the road, a series of long turns will be awaiting for the player. First, the road turns slightly to the right, then sharply to the left for a while. After that, the road will turn to the right for a long while, before turning sharply to the left again for a considerable time as well. Eventually though, the road will turn softly to the right, and the player will find themselves on a downhill road.

While headning down this road, the player has to watch out for Egg Hammers that are being carried across the road. Eventually though, the road will take a turn to the right, followed by a turn to the left, and then a turn to the right. After that, the player will head up an uphill road. Along this stretch, the player has to watch out for Egg Hammers that are being carried across the road. Once at the top of the road, the road will make a brief turn to the right before heading to the left. After that turn, the road will head straight forward for a while before making another turn to the left, before then making a turn to the right, with the finish line appearing right after it.

Worth mentioning is that after each of the downhill sloping routes leading to the center of the track, a wide spring appears. This gimmick allows the player to jump onto the bumper-like platform on each side of the Death Egg Robot in the middle of the track and bounce off it, allowing the player to skip a major swing in the road. However, the player has to watch out for a large burner, which will emit periodically from the bumper-like plaform and can hit the player, causing them to fall into the abyss.

Dark Arsenal also has its own mirror image version of it where the left and right sides are interchanged.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Dark Arsenal: Intro Fly-by" SEGA / Wall5 & Jun Senoue 0:24
"Dark Arsenal: Lap Music" SEGA / Wall5 & Jun Senoue 3:54
"Dark Arsenal: Final Lap" SEGA / Wall5 & Jun Senoue 2:17
"Dark Arsenal: Goal" SEGA / Wall5 & Jun Senoue 0:14


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