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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Daniel (ダニエル Danieru?), often referred to as Danny (ダニー Danī?), is a character from the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is one of Christopher Thorndyke's best friends along with Helen and Frances.


Danny is a young boy with brown skin, short black hair and green eyes. For attire, he wears a gray shirt, a green sweater, blue pants and red shoes.



New World Saga

Danny in the anime.

One day in Station Square Elementary School, Danny excitedly chatted about Sonic the Hedgehog to Chris and Frances. They and the rest of their class were then informed by their principal that they would be taught by a new homeroom teacher named Mister Stewart (who was actually an undercover G.U.N. operative sent to keep an eye on Chris and his friends because of their friendship with Sonic the Hedgehog and co.).[1] Another time in class, when Danny and his classmates could not solve a class problem, E-51 Intelligente appeared and took over Mr. Stewart's class, befriending Danny and his class. When Dr. Eggman personally showed up and threatened to disassemble him for his treason, Intelligente had no option but to obey Eggman's original orders of convincing the kids to worship the evil doctor and kept Danny and the other students after class until Intelligente was destroyed by Sonic and the doctor left, allowing Danny and the others to finally go home.[2] Some time after, he learned that Chris's mother was hosting a party where Sam Speed would appear.[3]

While Danny was in class one day, a rumor came up that another Chaos Emerald had been found in an abandoned warehouse. That very same day, Danny was introduced to Sonic and his friends by Chris. Together with Sonic, Tails, and Chris, Danny joined them on their hunt for the Chaos Emerald, but were lured in the wrong direction by Rouge the Bat. By the time they discovered the mistake and checked out the warehouse, the trap set by G.U.N. had already caught Rouge, leaving Danny and the others befuddled by the false lead. The next day, Danny and Chris were so tired from their search that they slept in school.[4]

Danny was then watching an ensuing battle between G.U.N, Sonic, and co. against Dr. Eggman alongside a crowd in Station Square, which included the Diamond Stadium groundskeeper Albert Butler and team manager Elmer Johnson, and cheered alongside them for the heroes as they emerged victorious with Sonic claiming the Chaos Emeralds from Eggman while G.U.N. was able to destroy his headquarters.[5]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Danny with Chris in a Chao colony.

Danny eventually came along with his friends and Sonic's crew on a trip to the homeland of Mister Tanaka, led by Mr. Stewart. After Cheese got flushed down a river however, Danny helped his friends search for it. Eventually, the group discovered a small passage through which they entered a Chao colony. There, Danny and the others were warmly welcomed by its residents. After they found Cheese and played with the Chao, they decided to return to Mr. Stewart. However, Dr. Eggman and his E-66 Da-Dai-Oh soon appeared. When the robot tried to attack the group however, it slid down the mountainside. Although that neutralized the threat, the robot would muddle up the river feeding the Chao colony. Danny and the others thus tried cleaning the pond where the Chao lived until Sonic came and did it for them. After that, Danny could enjoy the evening at a bonfire with his friends.[6]

When there was only one Chaos Emerald left to find, Danny would help Sonic and his friends look for it. The next day at school though, Danny and Frances noticed that Chris was sad and seemed distant. They tried reaching out to him, but the boy said he would join them later.[7] The next day, Danny was with Helen and Frances on a street corner in Station Square, when they saw the Egg Fort II pass overhead, before Sonic roared passed in pursuit, unaware that the reason was that Chris was being held hostage on the Egg Fort II. Danny would soon after see Chaos Control unfold, which made his friends worry that Sonic and his friends were returning to their own world. However, this was not the case. Instead, a piece of Sonic's world ended up on Earth.[8]

Chaos Saga

Danny and his classmates cheering on Super Sonic

Over six months later, Danny was enjoying a basketball game, with Mr. Steward joining in on them. When Perfect Chaos launched his flooding of Station Square however, Danny got evacuated from the school with Frances, Helen, and the other students. Mister Stewart joined them to usher them to safety, directly violating his orders from his superiors at G.U.N. to return to headquarters because of the situation with Perfect Chaos. Far away from Station Square later on, Danny would watch Super Sonic fight Perfect Chaos while cheering on the hedgehog.[9]

Shadow Saga

After Perfect Chaos' attack on Station Square, Danny would help carry supplies to the injured residents of the city. Despite Mister Stewart's heroism with staying with them to get them to safety from Perfect Chaos' attack however, Danny and the rest of his classmates soon learned that he had been transferred to another assignment. Danny would soon after say goodbye to Chris when his family had to move to the capital while their mansion was getting cleaned from Perfect Chaos' attack.[10]

Danny and his friends watching Super Sonic and Super Shadow's attempt to save the world.

Some time after, Danny was walking around town with Frances and Helen, all of them worried about Chris' latest absence. When Sonic then suddenly run past them, Danny was kept from pointing out Sonic in front of a policeman by Frances, since Sonic was a wanted fugitive at the time.[11] Soon after, Danny would watch Super Sonic and Super Shadow's attempt to keep the Space Colony ARK from destroying the Earth.[12]

Emerl Saga

Some time after, Danny, Chris, Frances and Helen were returning home from school while discussing Dr. Eggman's latest actions. On the way they joined Cream and Emerl. They soon after encountered Mr. Stewart, who claimed to be birdwatching. Borrowing Mr. Steward's binoculars, Danny spotted Dr. Eggman nearby. Although Mr. Steward promptly instructed Danny and the others to leave, the group initially complied, only to join Mr. Stewart in his car and convince him to let them join him on his hunt for Eggman. Following Eggman into the sewers, Danny got scared when a lizard jumped into Stewart's car. He would then have an argument with Helen over the latter's fascination with bugs and lizards until Stewart silenced them. No sooner, the heroes got caught in a net by Eggman and imprisoned in Eggman's underground base. With the help of Mr. Stewart however, Danny and his friends managed to escape from the cell. When they then found themselves trapped in the base though, the group tricked Bokkun out of the sewers so he could inform their friends of their whereabouts. However, the group soon got attacked by Eggman and his Egg Spider. Fortunately, Danny and his friends were saved when Sonic and Rouge arrived and took down the Egg Spider with Emerl's help.[13]

Danny vs. Chris during the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up.

Danny later took part in a Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament, whose main prize was a Chaos Emerald. Danny's first opponent however, turned out to be Chris, who did not want to fight a friend. While Danny asked Frances and Helen to convince Chris to fight however, Chris threw himself at him and overwhelmed him,. Although Danny lost the fight and was outraged, he nonetheless wished Chris luck in the next fight.[14]

Homebound Saga

Danny and his friends saying goodbye to Amy and Cream.

Eventually, Danny learned that Sonic and his friends had to return to their world so that time would not freeze. This made Danny very sad, which he would show at school in the company of his friends. Later, Danny, Frances and Helen went to the place where the portal to Sonic's world was located. There, Danny said goodbye to Cream, whom he and his friends provided with a crow of flowers as a parting gift. Danny was later surprised to see Chris close the portal when Sonic had to go.[15] Chris then escaped with a blue hedgehog, but later allowed Sonic to return to his world.[16]

Post-Homebound Saga

Six years after Sonic and his friends left Earth. Danny and Frances would meet with Chris and Helen to reminisce about old times, including the adventures they had with Sonic.[17]

Metarex Saga

Danny and his friends tinkering with Chris' files.

One day, Danny and his friends learned that Chris had rebuilt the portal to Sonic's world and had gone there. Danny tried helping Helen, Frances and Chuck restart the portal, but dared not tamper with it. When Nelson and Lindsey then showed up, all worried for their son, Danny helped assure then that Chris would be fine.[18] Later, Danny tried helping his friends unlock the password to activate the portal. However, they were unable to figure out Chris' password. Staring to miss Chris, Danny would wonder why he had not made any attempt to contact them. Regardless, Danny decided to call it a day and left with Frances.[19]

Archie Comics


Danny is impulsive and enthusiastic about the tasks assigned to him. While he strives to maintain a positive attitude, he is a bit too loud and does not always think before he says something. His biggest fear is lizards and all sorts of insects.[13] Danny is also honorable, and even when the opponent he fights defeats him, he can forgive and wish them good luck.[14]

Powers and abilities

Danny is fairly athletic, especially in basketball.[9] He also knows martial arts.[14]





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