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Team Sonic Racing Overdrive
Dangerous Distractions

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"Dangerous Distractions" is the first episode in the Team Sonic Racing Overdrive web series. It first aired on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Channel on 16 March 2019.


Team Sonic, Team Rose, and Team Dark face off at Wisp Circuit in this first of two parts of a special animation based on Team Sonic Racing! As usual, the diabolical Dr. Eggman seems to have his own plans – can the teams overcome his tricks, or will they find themselves more than a little distracted?[1]



Races and species:






Amy and the Chao ram into Sonic.

The episode begins on the Wisp Circuit with a racing match-up between Team Sonic and Team Rose. At the beginning, Big is driving around in the Frog Cruiser until Sonic arrives in the Speed Star and enters a sharp swing. Giving Big a peace sign, Sonic quickly takes the lead over Big. Big, however, remains as calm as ever and returns Sonic's peace sign. Big then notices Tails flying over him in the Whirlwind Sport, prompting Big to wave at Tails. Landing on the ground and initially struggling to retain control, Tails manages to catch up to Sonic, who gives him a thumbs up as they drive side by side. Suddenly however, Tails falls back, having been hit by the Crimson Eagle. Sonic then sees, much to his displeasure, Amy driving up next to him in her Pink Cabriolet. At the same time, Sonic notices that Team Rose's Chao team and their Chao Pod have manages to get up on his other side. Giving a bored look, Sonic leaves himself to get rammed from both sides by both Amy and the Chao.

As Sonic struggles to maintain control over his vehicle, he sees the Neutral Chao, Hero Chao and Dark Chao in the Chao Pod turn around slowly to look at him. As Sonic gives them a nervous smirk, the Chao turn to Omochao, who brings out a Black Bomb to throw at Sonic. Before the Black Bomb can hit Sonic however, Knuckles comes up from behind in his Land Breaker, jumps out of his vehicle and punches the Black Bomb away in midair, leaving it to explode harmlessly outside the racing track. Sonic then sees a proud Knuckles fall down on the road and tumble back into his vehicle. Although he is bruised and injured from the trip back into his vehicle, Knuckles gives Sonic a thumbs up. Sporting noticeable sweat, Sonic returns the thumbs up and looks ahead, only to see that Amy (who his waving at him) and the Chao have overtaken him. However, Sonic soon finds himself with Tails and Knuckles at his sides. With Sonic's resolve renewed, he, Knuckles and Tails race ahead to regain the lead. Meanwhile, further up on the race track is Team Dark, with Shadow riding the Dark Reaper, Rouge driving the Lip Spyder, and Omega cruising in the Cross Dozer. Shadow gives a determined glare.

The suction cup on Big's fishing rod lands on Knuckles.

Meanwhile, as Team Rose passes by, Dr. Eggman shows up in the bushes outside the racing track with an Egg Pawn. He puts a fake mustache on his Egg Pawn and begins rubbing his hands together in glee over the plan he is about to execute.

Back at the race, Team Sonic is cruising down the race track until a Black Bomb is thrown in front of them and explodes. Out of the smoke, Big emerges in his vehicle from midair and takes the lead. Suddenly, however, Big notices something that makes him come to a stop. As it turns out, it is Eggman's Egg Pawn from earlier, who has opened a salestand on the racetrack that sells Froggy merchandise. The Egg Pawn acts indifferent however to Big's presence. Big tries to cross the road to reach the salestand, but stops when Sonic zooms by him at high speed. Settling down from the shock, Big tries to cross the road again, only for Shadow to zoom past him too. Big then tries more carefully to cross the road, only for the remaining racers to pass him, causing Big to fall down. Taking another look at the saleshop, Big gets an idea and pulls out his trusty Fishing Rod, which has a suction cup on the end of its fishing line. Big then prepares to throw out his fishing line when Knuckles suddenly approaches in his vehicle. As Big throws out his fishing line, the suction cup lands on Knuckles' forehead, infuriating the echidna. Knuckles then passes Big, pulling his Fishing Rod with him. Noticing his Fishing Rod is gone, Big assumes his stoic pose, even as his Fishing Rod is thrown back at him and hits him on the head. As Big takes another look at the salestand, the Egg Pawn pulls out a sign that says "FREE", catching Big's silent attention. Kneeling briefly down on all fours, Big proceeds to walk slowly across the road.

Big begins to drive off with his new merchandise.

Back at the race, Sonic and Shadow are neck-at-neck, all while Big continues his slow trek across the road. Speeding up, Sonic overtakes Shadow while turning his Speed Star sharp to the right. Eventually, he ends up driving backwards in front of Shadow. As Sonic sends Shadow a cocky look, Shadow gets annoyed. Meanwhile, Big has still not crossed the road, and even stops up briefly to watch a butterfly. At the same time, Sonic and Shadow are continuing their race, with Amy managing to get in front of them. Meanwhile, Shadow is engaging the Chao as they ram each other with their vehicles. Eventually, the Chao manage to take the lead and catch up to Amy. As Sonic watches Amy tease him from afar, Sonic notices a White Wisp, whom he agrees to receive help from with a salute. With the White Wisp giving Sonic the Boost, Sonic continues the race. As they get around the corner however, Sonic, Amy, the Chao and Shadow see Big, who has still not crossed the road. In an attempt to stop from ramming into Big, the group of racers come to a sudden stop, which results in each of them crashing into one another in front of Big. Big does not pay attention to it, however, as he finally reaches the salestand and gets his Froggy merchandise. Settling on a cap, a t-shirt, a Froggy doll and a balloon, Big gets back in the Frog Cruiser, and drives off, with Amy and the Chao right on his heels.

In a post-credits scene, the Egg Pawn flips its salestand around and reveals a Black Market of new stuff. This catches the interest of the Chao, who roll backward to the salestand. Following the Chao, Amy sees the salestand, but is not impressed. In response, the Egg Pawn reveals a rack of different hammers, which gets Amy's attention.


  • The positions of the racers constantly shift:
    • When the camera cuts to Dr. Eggman and the Eggpawn, Big is with his teammates despite Team Sonic being ahead of him, yet when the camera cuts to Team Sonic, he is right behind them again.
    • When Big gets out of his car, the other eight racers pass him, yet when he pulls out his fishing rod seconds later, Knuckles once again appears behind him.
    • The order of the racers that pass Big contradict their previous positions as Team Dark were far ahead of Team Rose while Team Sonic were right behind Big.
  • When Big gets back into his car, he has a bunch of Froggy merchandise including a hat, balloon and T-Shirt. However, in the next shot when he drives away, all of it is gone.
  • When the Chao back up to see the Egg Pawn's sales stand, their emo-dots can be seen poking through the Chao Pod's glass dome.




Team Sonic Racing Overdrive Part 1


Team Sonic Racing Overdrive- Animatic Side-By-Side


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