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Template:Dialogue Dance Instructor Bot is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom comic series. It is a robot created by Miles "Tails" Prower to teach him how to dance.


Dance Instructor Bot is a human-based robot slightly taller than Tails. It is fashioned with a light bulb for a torso with peach "skin" and black pompadour hair with a goldfish inside. Its head only has a pair of red eyes and ear disks for features. Its design also incorporates cloth-like features, like a sky blue jacket with red cuffs, and yellow and red one-piece pants with black fish tank platform shoes.


Archie Comics

Criando - dance

Dance Instructor Bot's creation, from Sonic Boom #11.

Dance Instructor Bot was a project conducted by Tails to teach him to dance. After a while, Tails finished Dance Instructor Bot, who was subsequently activated and complemented on its creator's progress with its lessons.[1][2]


Dance Instructor Bot displays a mechanical behavior typical for a robot, although it is great at giving complements (as long as its complement mode is active).[2]

Powers and abilities

As attested by Tails, Dance Instructor Bot is great at teaching others how to dance.[2]



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