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Dagger Walrus, formerly known as Rotor Walrus, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was an alternate version of Rotor Walrus from Dark Mobius and a member of the dwindling resistance opposing Dark Enerjak.


Dagger is a large, gray-blue walrus with amber/brown eyes. As an alternate counterpart to Rotor Walrus, he's similar in appearance, though there are some notable differences. Dagger, being older, is much more scruffy and worn; he bears some lines around his eyes his right tusk is broken. He wears a yellow bandanna tied around his head and a red bandolier that holds several knives.



Dagger's early history was most likely largely the same as his Mobius Prime counterpart's. The point of divergence was when Knuckles became corrupted by his chaos powers and decided to conquer Mobius.[1] Dagger eventually joined up with Jani-Ca's resistance movement and was one of the few left free after their attempt to defeat Knuckles, now having assumed the mantle of Enerjak, was foiled.[2]

The Silver Saga

Dagger continued to live in hiding within Nekronopolis; one day, he and the other Freedom Fighters ventured out to attack a group of Enerjak's Prelate warriors. Dagger and Cutlass made quick work of one of the Prelates, catching it in a cross of blades. It was soon discovered that the Prelates had been after Silver the Hedgehog and the group returned to their hidden base with the hedgehog. Unfortunately, they were soon discovered by Enerjak, who set his reformed Prelates against the group; using both his blades and his fists, Dagger struggled to fight them off.[2]

However, the tide of the battle soon turned in favor of the Freedom Fighters. Dagger attempted to ambush Prelate-R from above while it fought Cutlass, only to fall into the pavement as the Prelate was destroyed, causing Cutlass to laugh at him. The team eventually managed to defeat all the Prelates and acquire their Cores. When Silver and Jani-Ca spoke of returning the Cores to the Mobians from whom they would been stolen, Dagger wondered aloud if they should even do so in the first place: what was the point of restoring people into a ruined world? This resulted in an angry retort from Silver, who insisted that they could not waste any chance to help people or the world, and that they had to keep trying no matter how bad the situation. Dagger backed down, telling the angry hedgehog he'd made his point. Not long after, Enerjak retaliated, scattering the group; when Scarlette Rabbot was taken hostage, Dagger saw that Demo Duck had lost himself in rage and attempted to attack Enerjak despite the protests from his teammates. With Scarlette and Demo reduced to Cores and Silver incapacitated, the remaining Freedom Fighters, Dagger included, mounted inefficient attacks and were quickly reduced to Cores as well.[3] Jani-Ca then gathered up his body with the others, struggling to carry it along due to his surprising weight despite their rationed food, and placed him down next to Cutlass.[4]


Dagger is rather gruff and rough around the edges, though he seems to be on good terms with his teammates; he jokingly teases that Cutlass' French words aren't "real" and seems confident that Jani-Ca will lead them to victory. However, he does seem somewhat pessimistic about the state of the world itself.

Powers and abilities


As his name implies, Dagger fights using a number of blades.


  • Dagger's general color scheme seems to be taken from his counterpart in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series.
  • Dagger and Cutlass tend to pair up on the battlefield, since they both use blades as their weapons.[5]
  • In a darker version of Sonic Universe #27, writer Ian Flynn revealed Dagger was to be portrayed as even more dour than in the final script, with him suggesting to just destroy the Cores outright.



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