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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Thank you for saving Cutebot. That makes us square. But be warned, I've found my true calling; to protect these Cubots, be it from Eggman's robots or any organic lifeforms that we perceive as a threat.

— D-Fekt, "Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots"

D-Fekt, originally named RagnaBot, is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. Originally a mining mech created by Dr. Eggman, he had a malfunction that granted him powers beyond his intended purpose. His powerful eco-magnets allow him to manipulate almost any matter.

Eager to prove himself to his creator, D-Fekt sought to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog, only to wind up with Team Sonic. Seeking a new purpose from there, he eventually became the protector of the Cubot prototypes, whom he now protects by any means necessary.

Concept and creation

D-Fekt's name is a play on the word "Defect," which is a reference to his defective magnets.[2]


D-Fekt compared to Sonic and Amy.

A rather small robot, D-Fekt is similar to Orbot and Cubot in terms of facial features, possessing the duo's cyan mouths and cyan eyes, but no lower jaw. Other than that, D-Fekt has an orange, black and tan color scheme, a tall head and a rather small humanoid body by comparison. His four-fingered hands and forearms are overall more armored than the rest of him. He also has round shoulder pads, simple and small legs, two caps on his head resembling ears, and a grey slot-based screw cap on his forehead.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

D-Fekt in Eggman's lair.

Created as "RagnaBot" by Dr. Eggman in Eggman's Lair, D-Fekt was designed to extract Ragnium from Ragna Rock for Eggman's EggBot Racers using magnetism. Hearing Eggman's premature praise of him upon his activation, RagnaBot was smitten with affection for the doctor. However, RagnaBot failed his test run when his malfunctioning magnets would not attract Ragnium, prompting Eggman to rename him "D-Fekt" in contempt. However, D-Fekt secretly learned after Eggman left him alone that he could magnetize everything else to gain more power, and so sought to beat Sonic,[2] if only to please Eggman.

Although D-Fekt continued to remain a failure in Eggman's eyes, he was nonetheless made one of Eggman's Island Defenders, who were tasked with keeping the different fissures open so the by-products from Eggman's operations on Ragna Rock could be piped through them, lest Ragna Rock would explode from the pressure. While on Kodiak Frontier however, in an attempt to keep Sonic and Amy from sealing the fissures, D-Fekt got the attention of Team Sonic. Coming across Sonic and Amy, he tried to stop them before they close a fissure, but to no avail. He was soon after found by Eggman and reprimanded for failing to fulfill his given task. D-Fekt would then travel to Seaside Island where he encountered Sticks, who found him adorable. However, D-Fekt managed to escape Sticks when another fissure ruptured nearby.

D-Fekt would subsequently travel to other fissures, with Team Sonic hot on his heels and sealing the fissures he protected despite his attempts too stop the heroes. Eventually, D-Fekt was captured by Team Sonic in Gothic Gardens for some tests, and though he temporarily escaped, Sticks later got him to wear a tracker by pretending that it was a friendship bracelet. With D-Fekt wearing the tracker, Team Sonic were able to follow D-Fekt to Ragna Rock. There, Eggman scolded him there again for not looking after the fissures, before getting kicked away by the doctor. Regardless, D-Fekt still longed for Eggman's affection and thus showed his vast powers before Eggman for the first time when following the doctor's orders to destroy Team Sonic when they arrived. However, D-Fekt went overboard when forming his Double Trouble construction and ended up destroying Eggman's Ragnium mine before being defeated by Sonic and Sticks. Afterwards, D-Fekt was given to Sticks by Eggman in reluctant gratitude towards Team Sonic for saving his life in the mines, although not before D-Fekt got a tearful apology from Eggman for the way he mistreated him. Tails then reprogramed D-Fekt into a harmless mech and Sticks took him home.

TV series

Season two

D-Fekt with the Cubot prototypes.

While working for Tails, D-Fekt proved unable to buy something for Tails due to his muteness. Tails thus gave D-Fekt a voice chip, which allowed him to express a desire for purpose in his life. After many job attempts, D-Fekt was shown the Cubot prototypes by Team Sonic. Soon after falling in love with Cutebot, D-Fekt chose to stay with the Cubots as their new protector. Hearing the Cubots' own grievances with Eggman, D-Fekt helped them lead a succesful rebellion against Eggman, whom D-Fekt enslaved. After a visit from Team Sonic though, D-Fekt was inspired to exact revenge on anyone who had wronged him. When Team Sonic thought he was going too far though, D-Fekt attacked the team in retaliation until Eggman came and fought him in a MeBot with powers like D-Fekt's. During the fight, Sonic saved Cutebot when Eggman took her hostage. D-Fekt subsequently reunited with Cutebot and beat Eggman. Seeing himself and Team Sonic as even, D-Fekt let the team off the hook and departed with the Cubots, although not before promising menacingly that he would protect them from anyone.[3]


D-Fekt showing affection.

A rather emotional Eggman robot, D-Fekt is defined by his stalwart faithfulness and affection for those he cares about. D-Fekt is particularly quick to grow to care deeply for others; shorty after coming online, he came to love Dr. Eggman after hearing how proud the doctor was of what he was meant to accomplish. He similarly fell in love with Cutebot upon seeing her for the first time.[3]

D-Fekt is very loyal and not one to stop caring for those he cares about, even if these people in question should mistreat him, like when D-Fekt continued to serve Eggman while the doctor continuously labeled him as a failure and abused him for it. It was first when Eggman renounced all ties to him that D-Fekt moved on from him.

When receiving criticism or experiencing personal failures, D-Fekt can get somewhat depressed and doubtful about his own worth.[3] Despite this, he is not one to just give up and waste time feeling sorry for himself. Instead, he keeps on trying his very best until he can succeed. As such, D-Fekt has been known to devote himself entirely to his assignments. This sense of determination was notably what allowed him to discover the true potential of his malfunctioning magnets in the first place. Despite his willingness to please however, D-Fekt is not above running away from his jobs when finding himself in a pinch. D-Fekt is also very clumsy, often tripping and falling when jumping or running.

While D-Fekt's sense of duty, loyalty, honor and dedication is admirable, it can also make him overzealous and reckless at times. During the Ragna Rock incident, D-Fekt would several times be so hasty about protecting the fissures from Team Sonic that he would forget to power up for his confrontations with the team. Also, D-Fekt has been known to go overboard to the point where he becomes a threat to both friends and foes; when D-Fekt finally got praise from Eggman by demonstrating his new powers, he ended up destroying Eggman's precious Ragnium mine and nearly killing Eggman himself while following the doctor's orders destroy Team Sonic. Similarly, after becoming the protector of the Cubot prototypes, he embraced the task to such an extend that he has sworn to attack anyone whom he considers a threat to the Cubots (including his friends), making him a well-intentioned extremist.[3]

After enacting a successful rebellion against Eggman, D-Fekt developed such a taste for revenge that he would cross the moral line when exacting revenge on those he believed had wronged him and attack anyone who disagreed with him (including close friends). Even so, he has stayed fair-minded enough to let others go once they are even with him, like when he let Team Sonic off the hook after Sonic saved his girlfriend.[3]

When not focused on his goals, D-Fekt can be a very docile and friendly robot.[3] When first meeting Sticks for example, he allowed the badger to play fetch with him and even pet him. He similarly accepted a supposed "gift" from Sticks, showing that he is not entirely hostile towards his enemies and at least somewhat trusting.

Originally, D-Fekt was a mute, and could only communicate through gestures, robotic noises, and holographic symbols that appears around his head. After Tails gave him a voice chip however, D-Fekt became able to talk on his own.[3]

Powers and abilities

D-Fekt is the most powerful mech ever created by Dr. Eggman, having been described as "unflinchingly powerful."[4] On his own, D-Fekt could effortlessly defeat Obliterator Bot and fight a MeBot equipped with the same powers as him to a standstill. He can similarly hold his own against the majority of Team Sonic without much effort.[3]

D-Fekt using his powers.

D-Fekt is equipped with eco-magnets which were intended to magnetize and move around Ragnium. However, a malfunction enabled him to magnetize everything other than Ragnium, making his powers almost telekinetic in nature.[3] When using his magnets, D-Fekt becomes surrounded by a light blue aura. His magnets have been proven to be quite powerful, being capable of lifting giant boulders, pull apart large robots, uproot trees, and move around objects at the size of buildings.[3]

D-Fekt has very precise control over his magnets, enough to manipulate multiple objects at the same time and perform tasks as delicate as scooping up ice cream.[3] In battle, he can use debris to attack foes, form telekinetic shields for defense, or simply grab his opponents directly. D-Fekt can also draw the environment itself to him and form it into new objects, his most prominent use of this skill being to build himself up to form giant robotic creatures with enormous raw strength and durability, such as huge totem figures, tar monsters or stone dragons. These constructs also possess destructive powers depending on the material used in their construction, from generation of organic substances to channeling of pure elemental forces of nature. He can also use his magnets on himself to gain flight.[3]

As an Eggman robot, D-Fekt is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[5]


D-Fekt's own body possesses very little physical might, putting him at a disadvantage against opponents in direct combat. In fact, he is so weak that Sticks alone was able to keep him immobilized with minimal effort. Also, being an Eggman robot, D-Fekt relies on Eggman's lair to provide him with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then he will too.[5]


Dr. Eggman

Created by Dr. Eggman, the doctor was originally the center of D-Fekt's world. Shortly after being activated, D-Fekt heard Eggman voice all the great things he was meant to accomplish, leaving D-Fekt with such a positive impression of Eggman that he would love the doctor. When D-Fekt could not attract Ragnium as he was meant to, however, Dr. Eggman's opinion for him turned around almost immediately, prompting Eggman to label him a born failure and change his name from "RagnaBot" to "D-Fekt" in recognition of this fact.

Eggman apologizing to D-Fekt for his mistreatment of him.

Although saddened about Eggman's new opinion for him, D-Fekt never held it against the doctor and stayed unwavering faithful to him in spite of all the chiding he got from him. To D-Fekt, all he wanted was give Eggman love, even though he got nothing but contempt in return. D-Fekt thus worked diligently to please Eggman by protecting his fissures and seeking to defeat Eggman's enemy, Sonic. When D-Fekt finally regained Eggman's admiration by demonstrating his powers on Ragna Rock, D-Fekt went so much out of his way to destroy Team Sonic as Eggman had ordered that he tore Eggman's Ragnium mine apart and nearly killed Eggman himself. Afterwards, Eggman apologized to D-Fekt for how he had treated him despite being obligated to give him to Team Sonic, something which D-Fekt did not resist.

Although Eggman was now behind him, D-Fekt was still haunted by what Eggman used to think of him. After finding a new purpose as the Cubot prototypes' protector however, D-Fekt found the motivation to get back at Eggman by helping the Cubots launch a succesful rebellion against the doctor. After that, D-Fekt had Eggman serve him, and would mistreat the doctor whenever he misbehaved. Their conflict only heated up more when Eggman rebelled himself and took D-Fekt's girlfriend hostage during their next confrontation.[3]

Team Sonic

Originally, D-Fekt viewed Team Sonic as his enemies in general, and sought their defeat to please Dr. Eggman. D-Fekt was in particular determined to defeat Eggman's arch nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog.[2] However, D-Fekt had a somewhat friendly relationship with Sticks the Badger, who was the only person besides Eggman he was shown to like. During their first meeting, D-Fekt would play fetch with Sticks and even let her pet him, although he was a bit confused about Sticks' behavior, and perhaps a little unnerved by her quirky nature. This did not stop him from accepting a "gift" from Sticks though, hinting a degree of trust towards the female badger.

During his mission to protect Eggman's fissures, D-Fekt would often fight Team Sonic with extreme determination, going as far as to challenge them without boosting his power, although he was not so obsessed about defeating them that he would not run away when outmatched. In return, D-Fekt was constantly tailed by Team Sonic who sought him for his connection to the fissures. In the end though, D-Fekt allowed Eggman to leave him in the care of Team Sonic after their final battle on Ragna Rock.

After that, D-Fekt would accept Team Sonic as his new friends. The team similarly treated D-Fekt with respect and care, namely by helping him find a new purpose in life. After D-Fekt launched a succesful rebellion against Eggman though, the team began to worry about the path D-Fekt was heading down of. Sonic was not concerned however, and mentioned that "revenge is sweet". However, D-Fekt took Sonic's remark to such an extend that Team Sonic had to protest against his behavior, prompting D-Fekt to renounce their friendship and attack them. After Sonic saved D-Fekt's girlfriend however, the robot considered them even. However, he warned them that he would show them no mercy should they try to harm the Cubot prototypes he was protecting.[3]


Cutebot is one of the Cubot prototypes, and D-Fekt's girlfriend. The two first met when D-Fekt was introduced to the Cubot prototypes, with D-Fekt falling in love with Cutebot upon the first sight of her. Cutebot was similarly charmed by D-Fekt, who promised to take extra care of protecting her after he became the Cubots' protector. After that, the two of them would spend a lot of time together. The bond they share was especially shown when Cutebot got taken hostage by Dr. Eggman; upon seeing Cutebot in Eggman's grasp, D-Fekt became incredibly furious, and when the two of them were reunited, they would lovingly embrace each other.[3]










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