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The Cyloop[1] is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique used by Sonic the Hedgehog where he creates an updraft by circling around a target.


When performing the Cyloop, Sonic starts emitting a semi-pixelated blue energy trail behind him as he begins to run around. He then circles around his target, and upon finishing the loop by touching his energy again, he triggers a powerful updraft that can send smaller enemies flying into the air and lift something as heavy as the Asura's foot.[1]

In the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers, the Cyloop is a technique that has many applications, both inside and outside of combat. When performing it on smaller enemies, the Cyloop can send them high into the air and suspend them there for a while, leaving them open to attacks. In addition, it can also be used to lower an enemy's defense; when used on one of the enemies that covers itself in armor that nullifies damage, performing the Cyloop on it will temporarily blow its defense away, thereby make it vulnerable to damage. Also, when used on bosses like the Asura, performing the Cyloop around one of its feet can make this boss lift its foot and expose a vulnerable spot on its sole. Outside of combat, the Cyloop can also be used to interact with puzzles and other environmental objects in the levels, such as blowing torches out.[1]


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