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The Cylinder[1] is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When used, it is capable of destroying nearby enemies.


The Cylinder, as its name implies, is a cylindrical object. Its head and base are surrounded by metallic parts similar to an electrodes' nuclear reactors.


Cylinders only appear in Aquatic Base. In gameplay, they have the ability to emit a pulse that disables nearby enemies and destroys them. It can also attract silver spheres for a short of time. To use the Cylinder, the player must attack it to activate it. If the player kicks it once, the Cylinder will glow blue. However, some Cylinders will glow red and increase their pulse range when attacked twice. After some time, the Cylinder's light and effects will disappear.


  • If the Cylinder attracts an iron ball or the player uses Silver's Psychokinesis and brings an iron ball to the Cylinder, then it will constantly light up without the need of attacking it.
    • However the iron ball will disappear after leaving the location that the iron ball was in.
  • In Tails' scrapped line for his playable role on Aquatic Base, the Cylinders were also called "Magnet Switches".


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