The Cyclone (サイクロン Saikuron?) is a red sports car which is driven by Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Drift and Sonic Drift 2.


The Cyclone is a sleek red and silver sports car similar in color to Sonic's own shoes. The Cyclone is not very large, its size is reminiscent more of a go-kart than an actual car. The car's design seems to take inspiration from the Ferrari F40, along with other similar American and Japanese sports cars.

Game appearances

Sonic Drift

The Cyclone's first appearance was in Sonic Drift. The Cyclone has good acceleration and good speed, but poor control. As a result of its poor control it cannot corner as easily as the other cars. Its special power is a simple quick dash, which has the same effect as high speed boxes).

Driver Machine Special Power Picture
Sonic the Hedgehog Cyclone Kart Dash Sonic pose 16

Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld

The Cyclone along with other three character's vehicles from Sonic Drift are seen in the "Car Race" minigame in Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld. The player has to race the Cyclone around a circular track in a one-lap kart race.

Sonic Drift 2

Cyclone is last seen Sonic Drift 2, where it has similar stats from Sonic Drift, retaining its high max speed but poor cornering. Also returning from the previous game is the Cyclone's "High Speed Dash" ability.

Driver Vehicles Special Power Picture
Sonic the Hedgehog Cyclone A High-Speed Dash that greatly increases Sonic's speed for about five seconds. Sonic-Drift-2-Cyclone-Art

Sonic Rivals

In Sonic Rivals, the Cyclone appears as a collectible card.


  • There are two artworks in the PC program Sonic the Screensaver, which presents Sonic with a red (and yellow) sports car similar to the Cyclone. The two cars, however, are not identical.






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