This article is for the Sonic Adventure 2 machine. For the space craft in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, see Blue Cyclone.

Template:Item The Cyclone (サイクロン Saikuron?) is a Tornado-style mech resembling the Tornado 2. It is created by Miles "Tails" Prower as his transporting walker that he used in Sonic Adventure 2.


Unlike the previous Tornadoes, the Cyclone is a monoplane and carries a large missile launcher behind the single seat and powerful gunner on the front. Most notably, the Cyclone can also transform into a walker mode that possesses heavy artillery, and a car mode for fast ground transportation.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2, Tails used the Cyclone's walker mode as his transporting vehicle and offense in the game. The Cyclone was armed with a lock-on missile launcher very similar to that of E-102 Gamma's gameplay along with a powerful gun known as the Volkan Cannon. It could also be upgraded with several new features, including the Laser Blaster, which increased the firing radius and missile explosion sizes, the Booster which allowed the Cyclone to slowly float downwards and hover for short periods and the Bazooka which makes the Volkan Cannon stronger.

There are also multiple alternative costumes for the Cyclone that have been available via download in Dreamcast version of the game. An unlockable multiplayer costume for Tails makes it resemble the original Tornado, with different writing on the outside and a red paint job, although it is still identified as the Cyclone. It performs identically to the main costume in the Dreamcast release, but in subsequent versions this rendition is more mobile at the compromise of strength.

Shadow the Hedgehog

The Cyclone also appears in Shadow the Hedgehog in its plane form. In the game, it can be seen during the opening cutscene of Circus Park before crashing into the park. Here, it appears to be powered by a Chaos Emerald. Although it was never seen again, an object resembling the Cyclone can be seen attached to the spaceship used by Sonic and Shadow later in the game.

Sonic Unleashed

The Cyclone is mentioned in Sonic Unleashed. Brenda asks to Sonic what's the name of the plane piloted by Tails in her questionnaire in Shamar, one of the optional answers is "Cyclone" (which is wrong, the correct answer is Tornado).


  • Despite being called simply as Cyclone, it has the writing "P-3a" and "Tornado III" written on it.

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