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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Cyborg Amy[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. She is the cyborg clone of Amy Rose and a member of Team Cybonic. She was made by Bolts from Amy's DNA and Roboken's technology for the purpose of helping Team Sonic defend Roboken from Hypnobot. Currently, she serves as one of Roboken's protectors.[2]


Cyborg Amy is the spitting image of Amy, being almost identical to her in terms of anatomy. Cyborg Amy, however, is made of a form of metal that behaves like flesh and fur. By comparison, Cyborg Amy's body and quills have recesses and bolts along the lines of their framework. She also has gray metal where Amy has peach skin/fur, pink metal in a slightly darker shade than Amy's fur, black shoulder joints, and completely light blue eyes with only slightly darker irises.

For attire, Cyborg Amy wears a metallic and flexible, yet otherwise identical version of Amy's clothes. Like Cyborg Amy, her clothes have recesses and bolts along the lines of their framework.

While on Eggman's soccer team, Cyborg Amy wore a soccer uniform that included a black and red t-shirt with an Eggman Industries chest logo, long red socks, and red shoes with white tongues and black laces and soles.[3]


TV series

Season two

Cyborg Amy and Amy working together.

Cyborg Amy was created at the same time as the rest of Team Cybonic by Bolts from DNA donated by Amy. Her purpose was to help Team Sonic take back Morristown when Hypnobot and Dr. Eggman invaded it with their hypnotized robots, and was designed with an organic brain so Hypnobot could not infect her. After getting introduced to Team Sonic, Cyborg Amy and her team entered Morristown from the bunker of their birth. With Hypnobot unable to control her, Cyborg Amy helped her counterpart and allies destroy the invading robots until Hypnobot was defeated and Eggman retreated with his army. Afterward, Cyborg Amy decided to remain in Morristown (now renamed "Roboken") with her team to keep the city safe.[2]

Finding Eggman in Roboken again, Cyborg Amy and her team attacked him until he revealed that he had come with a peace offer. While talking however, Cyborg Amy, like her friends, got tricked by Eggman into wearing a mind control-bracelet. Now slaves to Eggman, Cyborg Amy and co. were brought to Seaside Island to beat Team Sonic in a soccer match. With Eggman promising the cyborgs' freedom after the game, Team Sonic agreed to the match-up. However, Cyborg Amy and co. proved too evenly matched with Team Sonic at practice, so they got reprogramed by Eggman to be meaner (but dumber) which gave them an edge. At the game however, Team Cybonic lost when Team Sonic exploited their stupidity. Cyborg Amy proceeded to attack Team Sonic on Eggman's order, but the heroes freed her and Team Cybonic by removing their bracelets. The teams then got some payback at Eggman.[3]


A biomechanical cyborg, Cyborg Amy is intelligent and has both the free will and emotions of an organic lifeform. Presumably, she may also have some of Amy's personality traits due to being her clone. In any case, she shares her counterpart's commitment to the greater good and is devoted to protecting Roboken and its people from evil.[2]

Although partly organic, Cyborg Amy is still a machine ruled by coding. As such, when confronted with something she cannot compute, she can freeze up.[3]

Powers and abilities

Cyborg Amy is every bit as formidable a fighter as its counterpart. Regarded as Amy's equal, she is powerful enough to match Amy perfectly both physically and skill-wise.[2][3]

Like Amy, Cyborg Amy wields its hammer to perfection in combat and can match Amy blow for blow.[3] She is also able to fly using thrusters on her feet and fire lasers from her fingertips.[2][3] Also, because Cyborg Amy has an organic brain, her systems are immune to malware signals.[2]


Cyborg Amy wields a copy of Amy's Hammer which is just as powerful as the original. This weapon can deal massive damage with no excessive efforts and can be summoned out of nowhere at will by its wielder. While Cyborg Amy has not yet demonstrated the same level of ingenuity with it as Amy has, she still wields it as a potent melee weapon.[2]





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