This group exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
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A Cybernik is a type of robot in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a powerful Badnik created by Doctor Ivo Robotnik. Constructed of the nigh-indestructible Megatal alloy, the Cyberniks also have a range of other abilities, such as flight and powerful blasters.

Cyberniks are, like many other Badniks, powered by organic batteries. However, as the Cyberniks are generally indestructible, it was believed impossible to ever remove these organic batteries from their metal shells. Both Cyberniks were eventually removed from their armour, however.

Known Cyberniks

Two Cyberniks were depicted during the series. The prototype was a squirrel-shaped Badnik, but an error occurred during the installation of Shorty the Squirrel as its organic battery, allowing Shorty to resist Robotnik's brainwashing. Shorty took on the name Shortfuse and became an outlaw, striving to defeat Robotnik's forces. Shortfuse possessed blasters on his arms and the ability to fly.

The second Cybernik, a rat named Vermin, was created to destroy Shortfuse. Although he could not fly, he was super strong and had more powerful blasters which were emitted from his eyes. He also possessed the ability to inject a crippling computer virus by means of his prehensile tail.

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