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For the version of this process before the Super Genesis Wave, see Legionization.

The Egg Bosses are well-known subjects of Cyberization.

Cyberization[1] is a subject that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a process where mobians are turned into cyborgs for the Egg Army in order to serve as foot soldiers to the Eggman Empire. The effects of the process are not always noticeable, but can evidently be beneficial.


Cyberization differs from Roboticization in that it is often willingly undergone by various individuals who have pledged loyalty to Eggman. While its intention is inherently sinister, Cyberization does have some benefits. One such recipients of this process was Egg Boss Cassia, whose physical condition was stabilized as a result.[2] Egg Bosses Thunderbolt and Axel also benefited, the former gaining the ability to fire electrical blasts and the latter gaining weaponry.[1][3]

In order to ensure continued loyalty among his Cyberized subjects, Eggman had built a fail-safe within their cybernetics which can completely paralyze their bodies upon activation. In this state, they are still conscious, but unable to move the slightest. Eggman will then have them stored away for as long as he chooses.[4]


Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Cyberization's original timeline ended.

Cyberization was introduced as the means by which Dr. Eggman augmented his Egg Army's Egg Bosses and soldiers.


  • The cyberization process is reminiscent of the assimilation process used by the Borg in the Star Trek franchise, particularly the forcible implanting of cybernetics into a living person. This similarity is possibly intentional, given the comics' penchant for making references to other science-fiction franchises.
  • The replacement of the term "Legionization" with "Cyberization" most likely occurred due to the former term's association with the Dark Legion concept created by Ken Penders.


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