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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
Cutthroat Cove

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Cutthroat Cove is the fourth level in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It is an island of coves, untamed swamps and villages hosting what appears to be a lawless community for pirates. Due to Dr. Eggman, the island's environment was messed up by the by-products from the doctor's mining operations on Ragna Rock. This pollution was brought to an end by Team Sonic.



Cutthroat Cove's World Map.

Cutthroat Cove is set at night during a full moon. At the coast is an old-style harbor with cannons and old ships. Within the island is a moss-filled cave held up by natural pillars, and a murky swamp with a village amongst the large mangrove trees and waters. Structures there are connected by old bridges with poles adorned with skulls.

The first two adventure levels take place in the mangrove swamp. The paths here consist of moss-covered tree blocks and occasional tree trunks that wind between colossal tree roots. Along them are red thorns, Nuphar-like bushes, abandoned plank roads, moss slaps hanging from the ceiling, bottles, barrels, and poles with hedgehog skulls. Giant, twisted mangrove trees in a green swamp can also be seen in the background.

The last two adventure levels take place in an old-fashioned pirating town of brick and wooden framework. Here, giant mangrove trees, buildings on steep hills, and the night-shrouded coast appear in the background. The paths themselves lead across rooftops, through alleys and passages, and over walls. Along them are Nuphar-like bushes, various barrels, lanterns, metal spikes and broken brick walls.


While mining on Ragna Rock, Eggman would pipe the messy by-products from his operation off to Cutthroat Cove. This lead to the creation of fissures emitting Fire and Ice energies, which would mess up the island's environment.

Having arrived Cutthroat Cove to contain the local fissures which were destroying the environment, Team Sonic found the biggest fissure yet. Upon scanning it, Tails discovered it held traces of a new mineral which Dr. Eggman called Ragnium. Immediately after, Tails detected a moving Ragnium source, prompting Team Sonic to chase after it to uncover the source of the fissures.

Catching up to the source, Team Sonic dicovered it was D-Fekt, who was covered in Ragnium residues. Upon seeing Team Sonic, D-Fekt had a flashback of the events leading up to this moment: having been created by Eggman to mine Ragnium via magnetism, D-Fekt was labeled a failure by Eggman when his magnets would not attract Ragnium. However, D-Fekt secretly discovered he could magnetize everything else and so became determined to beat Sonic and Team Sonic to please his creator. Back in the present, D-Fekt made his escape, only for Team Sonic to give chase.


Cutthroat Cove's adventure levels, like the others, are divided into two parts (the foreground and background) that run parallel to each other, which can be traveled between with the Bounce Pad. Other than the Bounce Pads, standard gimmicks here include Boost Pads, Enerbeam Swings, and disappearing platforms. There are also cannons for firing the playable character which can be fired with DSB and move around on their own. Most noticeable though, are the blocks of ice/water that can be turned solid or intangible by touching them while using Fire/Ice Mode. There are also wicks which can be ignited with Fire Mode.

Hazardous obstacles in the adventure levels include stationary rollers with spikes, moving and non-moving spiked blocks (some of which form traps), and spiked surfaces. Touching such obstacles will damage the player and return the characters to an earlier position. The adventure levels also have collectibles scattered about which unlock extra content if collected, breakable obstacles that give extra Rings, and Challenge Room entrances.

Like other adventure levels, Cutthroat Cove's have several character-specific gimmicks for the playable characters. These include dash blocks for Sonic, Air Vents for Tails, pillars for Amy, Burrow spots for Knuckles, and Boomerang Switches for Sticks. In addition, Cutthroat Cove features three bonus levels, each with different gameplay mechanics.


Cutthroat Swamp

Cutthroat Swamp is Cutthroat Cove's first adventure level, which takes place in the swamp. It becomes available after unlocking Cutthroat Cove.

At the start, follow the rightward paths to the first Checkpoint. There, one can go left to take a looping path. Proceeding in the rightward direction at this point instead however will eventually take the player to a drop down on a Bounce Pad before the third Checkpoint. Here, one must go right again. Along this way, the player can reach an upward path with the first cannon encountered after the third Checkpoint to get to a loop past Boneyard Hollow. Should the player continue down the rightward paths instead, they will arrive at the fissure.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 02:25 min Ragnium

Treetop Marsh

Treetop Marsh is Cutthroat Cove's second adventure level, which takes place in the swamp. It becomes available after clearing Cutthroat Swamp.

At the start, go first down the rightward paths. Upon reaching the first Boomerang Switch after using two cannons, the player can take the left path to reach a looping path. If the right path is taken instead, keep going in the rightward direction. After a series of three cannons on this path, there will be another path with a dash block on the left which leads through a loop past Cypress Cavern. Should the player stick to rightward paths though, they will find the fissure.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 02:00 min Ragnium

Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl is the Bot Racing minigame of Cutthroat Cove where Sonic or a Bot Racer competes in a circuit race against Fireman-bot on Thunder Island. It becomes available after clearing Treetop Marsh. To clear it, the player must complete three laps before Fireman-bot.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Win race in 02:40 min Ragnium
Win race with 200 Rings Ragnium

Tunnel of Treachery

Main article: Fissure Tunnel

Tunnel of Treachery is a bonus level where the player must race to the end of an obstacle course while dealing with fire and ice elements. It becomes available after clearing Dust Bowl.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 01:45 min Ragnium
Reach goal with 200 Rings Ragnium

Scallywag Reef

Scallywag Reef is Cutthroat Cove's third adventure level, which takes place in the coastal town. It becomes available after clearing Dust Bowl.

At the start, take the path on the right and follow its flow into the background. There, the characters will head left before switching direction. From the second Chekpoint, keep taking the rightward paths to reenter the foreground, and go right from there. After the third Checkpoint, there will be an upper left path that leads to a loop, and a rightward path that leads to the goal. Taking the latter will lead to two closely-placed parallel water layers. Here, Buccaneer's Cove can be found on the left, while a road leading to the fissure can be found on the upper right.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 02:20 min Ragnium

Underground Tides

Underground Tides is a bonus level where the player must navigate an undersea section with mines and breakable obstacles in the Sea Fox and find the two Trading Cards within the level in time. It becomes available after clearing Scallywag Reef.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Clear level in 00:55 min Ragnium

Castaway Bay

Castaway Bay is Cutthroat Cove's fourth adventure level, which takes place in the coastal town. It becomes available after unlocking Scallywag Reef.

At the start, down the rightward paths. Near the start, there will be an optional downward path leading through a loop. Keep going right to enter the foreground, and take the rightward paths from there. Upon reaching the third Checkpoints, there will be a burrow section that leads through a loop and a yellow Bounce Pad that takes the player upward. If the latter is used, follow the rightward paths from there into the background. From there, go left for a trip past Treasurer's Plunder, or go right to reenter the foreground. If the latter is chosen, follow the rightward paths again to find the fissure.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 03:00 min Ragnium

Frigid Seas

Frigid Seas is a bonus level where the player must clear an iceberg passage filled with destructible ice bergs, indestructible mines and whirlpools in the Hovercraft and collect the Trading Card at the end in time. It becomes available after clearing Castaway Bay.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal in 00:55 min Ragnium

Creepy Crawly

Main article: Creepy Crawly#Battle

In this level, the player encounters the local boss, Creepy Crawly, a spider of trees and roots brought to life by D-Fekt. It becomes available after clearing Castaway Bay. For this boss battle, the player controls Sonic and Knuckles.

In battle, Creepy Crawly first attacks with stinger stabs and then balls of web. In the final phase, the player starts burrowing as Knuckles, who must detonate a number of underground mines. Landing a total of twenty-two hits will defeat this boss.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Clear boss in 03:20 min Ragnium
Clear boss with 20 Rings Ragnium

Tails' Plane

Tails' Plane is the landing area for Tails' personal aeroplane. It becomes available after clearing Creepy Crawly. Here, the player can access the Cloud Map to reach other levels in the game.



Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A (World Map) Richard Jacques 1:25
Cutthroat Island
N/A (Cutthroat Swamp and Treetop Marsh) Richard Jacques 2:03
Cutthroat Swamp
N/A (Challenge Rooms) Richard Jacques 1:01
Cutthroat Caves
N/A (Scallywag Reef and Castaway Bay) Richard Jacques 2:00
Cutthroat Cove

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